Your true authentic feelings are something to BE embraced, not shamed. feel through to the power and expansion that lies on the other side of denial and suppression.

PART 1 - Learn

Welcome to Day 4 of your Seven Day Intimacy Challenge which will start you down the path of igniting your intimacy and life on fire. 

Today we are talking about the second part of the The Code.

Remember, the code is all about telling the fucking truth, or to put it another way:


Today we're going to examine the Facts from your Intimacy Assessment and dive deeply into your Feelings surrounding those Facts.

Remember what we told you before?  FACTS x FEELINGS = FUEL.

So, take out your Intimacy Map, and examine all of your facts. Take some time today to then write down, either on the map, or in a separate notebook, all of the Feelings you have associated with each fact.

Do not play small here. Let it loose. Really get in touch with your Feelings. Write them down, and don’t hold back. If something makes you feel terrible, write it down and feel it.

If your life isn’t working, and you numb yourself out, sedate yourself, or stuff it all down, you have no power to change.

So get RAW with your Feelings.

And now we’re going to ask you to do something that might be a little uncomfortable. That’s okay, because remember: Would you rather stay where you are, or have a life and intimacy on fire?

Find a time when you are completely alone and go to your mirror. While looking in your own eyes in the mirror, talk to yourself about each fact and the associated feeling. It’s okay to scream, yell, cry. Do whatever you have to do to start to get in touch with these Feelings.

Part 2 - FUEL

Take some time and contemplate your fuel level. Are you more motivated to change now than you were before? If not, did you hold back with your feelings? Did you slip off the edge of feelings and into shame?

If you are feeling less power, you may have wandered into the realm of blame, shame, and guilt. That’s ok. Take a breath, find some space, and try it again.

If you are feeling more heat (fuel) in your body, even if it is not pleasant, you have begun to tap into a life-shifting form of power.


If you are in a relationship, talk to your Partner.  Share the content you learned today. Invite them to join you on this challenge.


Teach the content you learned today. Teaching this material is the absolute best way to learn it. Learning it is the best way to live it. In a relationship and already taught your partner? Excellent…consider this part done. Single? Excellent….find someone else who could use this content.

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