Honest Explicit and Vulnerable

It's not always easy, but in our sexual intimacy it's almost always necessary to be honest, explicit, and vulnerable... especially with yourself.  This is where people tighten up the most.  A great practice, a way to start being Honest, Explicit, and Vulnerable is to write in a journal or diary every day.  Keep it private.  But in that writing, strive for brutal open eyed honestly.  Avoid melodrama... just use your pen (or typewriter like a knife and cut into who you really are).  The results will open you dramatically and deepen any possibility you have an authentic relationship.


Getting in touch with the deepest feminine panpsychic energy... embodied greatly by the Goddess Venus... Today feeling the depth of the love and the oneness... an open conversation with the feminine love source of the human race... tribe... belonging... protection...fierceness... and softness.  She is ALL and NOTHING at the same time.  Come journey deeper into the fantasy of magic, the dripping bloody openhearted loving that is possible when you drop all your baggage and step into and through your fears.

Card of the Day

A few years ago I would pull a Tarot card of the day, and offer a meditation upon it on my blog and on Facebook.  I probably did this for about 3-4 years, daily.  It grew quite popular and was a lot of fun, and it was useful as a guide to life...

Eventually I moved beyond it to different areas of my life.

As I work on developing my video skills for the Jason F Smith website, I've chosen to start putting up a 1 minute daily video.  The early ones will certainly be rough, but by daily putting myself out there, witnessing myself and being witnessed I will find that frequency where selling is ME.

So here is the first video... rough as it may be.