7 DAY Intimacy Map CHALLENGE


If you want to make any real progress in your life and intimacy, you are going to have to stop fucking lying, especially to yourself.


Welcome to Day 3 of your Seven Day Intimacy Challenge which will start you down the path of igniting your life and intimacy on fire. 

Today we are talking about something called The Code.

It's summarized like this:


And start telling the truth.

So today we're going to get very REAL with the FACTS of your life in two ways.

First, we are going have you download and take the LIFE AND INTIMACY ASSESSMENT. You will come up with 10 scores when you are finished. Remember to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Lying will get you nowhere fast in this game.


Record those scores under each subcategory in the Fruit column on your Intimacy Map (ie. score for fitness, fuel, connection, certainty, etc.).

Next, take the time to write out all the Facts detailing where you are in the 10 areas of your life. The assessment gave you a numerical score, and now you are going to put those scores into your own words. Focus only on the Facts. This isn’t a story, it’s not excuses, and it’s not how you feel about the facts. It’s the Facts about where you are RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE AND INTIMACY in all 5 CATEGORIES and the 10 subcategories. NOTE: You may need to write this section out on a separate piece of paper and summarize in the Facts column of your map.


If you are in a relationship, talk to your Partner.  Share the content you learned today. Invite them to join you on this challenge.

PART 3 -  Teach

Teach the content you learned today. Teaching this material is the absolute best way to learning it. Learning it is the best way to live it. In a relationship and already taught your partner? Excellent…consider this part done. Single? Excellent…. Find someone else who could use this content.

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