Creating a Frame for your journey is essential to your success in achieving the results you want in your life and intimacy.


Welcome to Day 2 of your Seven Day Intimacy Challenge which will start you on the path of igniting your life and intimacy on fire. 

Today we are talking about something called the INTIMACY MAP, which you can see below:

Intimacy Challenge Map 02.JPG

Download the INTIMACY MAP.

This simple tool is going to change your entire life, not just your intimacy. We will be going deeper into this map throughout the week, but here is the general overview of how it work:

Five Categories: We utilize 5 categories of our life that are extremely useful and powerful. Body (our health), Being (our spirituality), Balance (our relationships), Business (our work and abundance), and Bedroom (our sex life).

Fruit: You will take an assessment in each of the five categories: Body, Being, Balance, Business and Bedroom. This assessment will help you get clear on where you are at currently in your life, assigning a numeric rating to each of the 10 different subcategories.

Facts: Then we will discuss the facts of each area, in written form, utilizing the tool of rigorous honesty so we stay away from AMBIGUITY and FANTASY.

Feelings: Then it’s time to get RAW and get in touch with our feelings about the facts, which provides us the fuel and motivation for transformation. We use a simple formula to get results:

Facts x Feelings = Fuel

By utilizing ruthless honesty in facts and feelings we gain POWER to change our life.

Focus: Now that we have uncovered where we truly are and how we feel about our current situation, it’s time to get clear on where we want to go. We do this by setting measurable and specific targets that we will hit 90 days from now. These 90 day targets will require us to level up and expand into the person who not only desires a relationship on fire, but HAS a relationship on fire.

Friction: Here we will identify any obstacles appearing in the way between you and your 90 day targets.

The Quality of Your Intimacy and Life are Determined by your ability to Embrace Expansion


If you are in a relationship, talk to your Partner.  Share the content you learned today. Invite them to join you on this challenge.

PART 3 -  Teach

Teach the content you learned today. Teaching this material is the absolute best way to learning it. Learning it is the best way to live it. In a relationship and already taught your partner? Excellent…consider this part done. Single? Excellent….find someone else who could use this content.

If at any time you are ready to have a powerful conversation directly with one of us to discuss coaching or the one of kind events we run, then click below to fill out the application.