Advanced Sexual Warrior Power

Day 1 – The Queen – Why are We Doing This?


PART 1 – Get Clear – Today you are going to take some time to get clear on this question: Why are you taking this course. And that’s going to require you to answer the following questions:

1.    Where are you at sexually with your Queen?  Really, no bullshit.  What are the facts about your sexual connection with her?

2.    How do you feel about this facts?  It’s time to get raw, and connect with your feelings. 

3.    Where do you want to go – Right now, it might just be having ‘more’ sex. Or lasting longer in bed.  Or seeing your woman have an orgasm if she isn’t normally orgasmic. Or it might be something different.  Take some time to figure out what you really want. This will evolve and change as we go through this course, that’s just the way of things, but for right now, where do you want to go?

4.    Why do you want to go there? – Now the question we started with.  Why? Why do you want to have more or better sex?

PART 2 – Talk to your Queen.  Tell her that you are taking this course and why.  Get her input.  She might worry you are taking a ‘sex’ course… and you ARE. But that’s okay.  If you want to have better sex with your Queen, it’s going to start with telling the truth and opening the communication lines. I know some men might be embarrassed that they can’t last longer than 2 minutes in bed.  I get it. I was one of those. I remember the profound looks of disappointment on my Queen’s face.  But when I told her I was doing something about it, she smiled and was glad.  It was much better than skulking in the shadows in shame!