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FOUNDER OF SHADES OF INTIMACY AND THE MODERN DAY WARRIOR’S WAY. If you are interested in working with Jason, contact him HERE.


THINGS are not working in the world today.

It is as simple as that.

When it isn’t working it’s time to change.

I was overweight, out of shape, disconnected from God in a religion that didn’t work for me at all and which betrayed my deepest truths. My marriage was shredded, and my business held on by a thread. Any sexual connection I had in intimacy was white washed to a dull lifeless grey.

I was neutralized and sedated. Suppressed. Oppressed. I looked at the eyes of a stranger in the mirror.

What was the problem?

Too much information, too much to do, overwhelm. I had evolved in my desires and needs, and the old ways weren’t working anymore. To cover up my pain and shame at failure, I hid and lied and died a little bit more each day.

Until I had enough. I made a choice and said: There has got to be a way.

And so I started to search, to work, to sweat, to bleed, to find another way to answer this shit show.

And you know what? I found it. Block by block I started rebuilding my life, only this time on a foundation of truth and polarity. I found and tested hundreds of different ways, until the truth became clear.

We need a new set of rules. The old ways aren’t working, and the children of America are becoming obese, out of shape, disconnected from any purpose or person, lazy, dependent and dull.

They don’t know what’s wrong, but they hate the way it’s working.

We are certainly not delivering on the promise. There are gyms everywhere, better diets, and health plans. There are religions that have stood the test of time, and new spiritual movements based on the heart. There are books galore on successful parenting and relationship and psychology and neurology. There is more business opportunity for abundance with advanced education than ever before.

And yet nothing is working.

So it’s time for a new way. A new paradigm. A new set of tools. We can’t solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them, as Einstein told us. And that has turned out to be absolutely true.

We need new leadership. New vision, new tools and a new tribe. The homogenized ‘we are all alike’ template of human evolution is leading our society to become it’s own little petri dish version of the Lord of the Flies.

If any of this resonates with you then you might be in the right place to tune in and check out the download.

Let me be clear about who I am. I’m just some guy whose life wasn’t working, and who got hungry to figure it out and make it better. I’ve accomplished some big things, and yet I’m still growing and trying to make myself work better. And part of that… is helping you feel it too, and giving you the tools to get your life working the way you truly want it.

Here’s what I’ve found out: Deep down we all have authentic desires, and some of those desires scare the hell out of us. But I’m here to give you permission, and show you the way to accomplish and experience your desires in a way that doesn’t destroy the world.

They tell us we should all be the same. I say forget that. Be an individual.

They also tell us our natural desires are an enemy to society. I say forget that, you can have what you want without destroying your marriage, your family, and your life.

My job is to spread the idea of Polarity and the Warrior’s Way to the world, because by God we need it . Want to find out more?

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Polarity and the Warrior’s Way works. How do I know? Because I live it. But the Warrior’s Way isn’t enough when you are trying to keep a relationship vibrant and sustained. This isn’t stuff I just read in a book and spewed back at you so I can make a quick buck before I leave you high and dry. Check me out on Facebook, you can go back 10+ years and see my path.

Check out my interview with Garret J. White, founder of Wake up Warrior to get a sense of what I do:

"The connection my husband and I have experienced as a result of working with Jason and Jennie is deep, profound and beautiful. We have found many keys that have unlocked much happiness and opened many channels of communication for us here. The real life aspect of this workshop has been very useful; Jason, Jennie and Suzanne teach powerful tools that create massive transformation and connection in relationship."

-Melanie Lake

Watch the Wade and Melanie Lake Case Study HERE.



I offer three different intensive workshop experiences.  

  • For men: The Modern Day Warrior.

  • For women: The Elemental Feminine, coached by my wife Jennie.

  • For both Men and Women: Shades of Intimacy.

Each workshop is a unique experience with it's own theme, discussions, exercises designed to give you a pattern interrupt from your old way of surviving into a whole new world of thriving possibilities through Polarity and Embodiment in all four pillars of your life: Body, Being, Balance, Business, and of course, the Bedroom.

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Shades of Intimacy

  • 3 Day Co-Ed Workshop Intensives.

  • A designed crucible peak experience create to get your relationship radically back on track.

  • Held in a private location in the Mountains of Utah.

  • For more information and upcoming schedules click: HERE


Modern Day Warrior

  • 3 Day Men's Only Workshop Intensives.

  • A crucible experience created to shake you loose of your old life and expand you into an infinite world of new possibilities.

  • Held in a private location in the Mountains of Utah.

  • For more information and upcoming schedules click: HERE.

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Elemental Feminine

  • 3 Day Women's Only Workshop Intensives.

  • A powerful experience created to shake you loose of your old life and expand you into an infinite world of new possibilities with the realms of polarity.

  • Held in a private location in the Mountains of Utah.

  • For more information and upcoming schedules click: HERE


Jason and Jennie also offer an array of other services for life coaching and sexual intimacy including:

  • Private one on one counseling sessions
  • Private Life Evolution Personally Designed Programs
  • Retreats
  • Private Men's & Women's Groups

A complete list of services can be found HERE.

If you have any questions about services, click HERE.



There is little that is more painful than a relationship that was once beautiful... and is now falling apart. For those of you in that position, our heart goes out to you. We were there.  And yes, some situations are irreconcilable. But most relationships have hope.  

Conversely, there is also little more painful than being unable to find the partner of your dreams. We've been there too. And we can help you.

There IS a way to create long term passionate intimacy and there is a way to find a partner that will fully meet you. It's possible, and these are the results the Shades of Intimacy belief system creates in your life. Take a dive into the deep end with us, come discover the hidden treasures of the heart. Here there be dragons... passionate, powerful, authentic, mad genius dragons. Together let's breathe in the flame of these dragons and set our world on fire with creativity, passion, and magick.