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3-day Private Intensive with Jason Smith, Jennie Stanchfield, and suzanne Wagner

Space is Limited.  Apply Early to reserve your seat. This event WILL sell out.

Reawaken your passion

Thriving Relationship Workshop

Shades of Intimacy is an Intimacy Polarity workshop for men and women, couples and singles, exploring and highlighting the differences between Masculine and Feminine archetypes, using ancient and modern discoveries and practices, that will enhance your intimacy, rekindle your romance, and reveal your deepest communions. The workshop will help you find the partner you most deeply desire or intensify your current relationship. We help men and women successfully navigate today’s confusing and evolving Masculine and Feminine roles in society.

We teach people how to use intimacy to Heal.
We teach people how to use intimacy to make Art in the world.
We teach people how to use intimacy to recognize the Connection in all of us.

We focus on the Art, because if you turn your intimacy into Art, it both heals you and leads you to a recognition of divinity.

We use Polarity to achieve this through Masculine and Feminine Embodiment.

The Art of Polarity
Sexual Healing, Art, and Connection

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Jennie STanchfield

Jason F. Smith

Suzanne Wagner

Co-Ed 3-Day Private Workshop - FEBRUARY 15-17, 2019

  • Friday 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

  • Saturday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

  • Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Heber City, Utah
(Address Provided After you Registration)

This workshop welcomes both men and women, singles and couples. We ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshops for balanced practice. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender in order to practice. There is no nudity, nor explicit sexual touching in the workshops. We are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all workshop participants

Please contact Jason at Jason@jasonfsmith.com or Jennifer at Jenniestanchfield@gmail.com if you have questions.   

For Registration, Click the Shades of Intimacy Ticket Link Below

Seating is LIMITED.  This Event WILL sell out!

Photo by Austen Diamond

Photo by Austen Diamond

This class has changed my relationship with my husband, myself, and my family.  Words truly cannot express my gratitude to Jason, Jennie and Suzanne. The love and acceptance that they bring into the space is life changing.   -LaNea Staker

...claiming my masculine power and learning to support her in all her passionate feminine glory, whatever that might look like has turned my marriage around and back into something that we cherish.... 

-Don Mallicoat

Photo by Austen Diamond

Photo by Austen Diamond

Shades of Intimacy

Is there Pain?

Whether you are in a long term relationship that needs help or you are looking for the right partner, today’s relationships are often lacking depth and passion.  It’s becoming harder and harder to find a partner who can meet you fully.  It often feels like you are friends instead of lovers.  The passion and freshness of your sex life has faded, or sex might actually be a distant memory. Old wounds are creeping up and communication is breaking down.  You’ve been here before.

There is something more possible your relationship. That’s why you’ve come here. You can feel it deep down inside, like a splinter in your core. Something needs to change. You both need to grow. The pain of staying where you are at is now exceeding the fear of growing and pushing into something new. You are ready for something magickal.

You know it is time.  This is the place.  This is where it starts. This call in your heart must be answered.

You are not wrong.

What is the Problem?

Masculine and feminine roles in today’s modern culture have vastly changed from just a few years ago. The revolution of the 60s has resulted in women succeeding wildly in the business and political world while usually juggling children and husband at home. Meanwhile men have discovered they have evolved past the macho stereotypes of what it means to be a man into something more compassionate.

Yet where does that leave us? Thousands of years of evolution have not prepared us for this quantum leap in male female dynamics. More and more we see women completely out of touch with their feminine radiance while men have lost their purpose and their edge.

Women are looking for men to stand up and meet them fully, while men are looking for women to shine sink into their feminine radiance and shine. 

This confusion results in a complete loss of polarity in both new and long term sexual relationships. We’ve become friends and business partners… but the soul based connection to our inherent purpose and radiance has been lost.

You’ve hit a wall with sex and relationship and something needs to change. It may be serious; it may just be a subtle itch that needs to be scratched. Either way… you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Solution?

The Art of Sexual Intimacy: Radical Spirituality and Magickal Storytelling. We use ancient Taoist sexual techniques that are easy to learn and are proven to vastly increase your sexual pleasure and ability, from multiple and varied forms of orgasm to herculean endurance and stamina. We also use modern cutting edge therapeutic storytelling approaches to kindle lost romance and reconnect heart to heart. Finally, we use a tantric non-duelistic spirituality that opens both partners to the divine.

Cutting through the cultural gender role impediments we discover our authentic sexual selves. Growing in awareness of our core masculine or feminine sides, we learn to embody those energies with agility passing into depth through the power of consciousness and yearning.

This workshop taught my husband and I how to connect on such a deeper level, a level I never knew could be possible and for that I am forever grateful. We both left the workshop with a sense of hope, new found love and a burden being lifted off of both of us.

-Laurie Read-Parks

Photo by Austen Diamond

Photo by Austen Diamond


Shades of Intimacy is an ongoing series of unique workshops for men and women, couples and singles, who are ready to find deep and powerful passionate intimacy. The workshops are experiential, deep, challenging, magical, and effective. They are also completely safe, and powerfully enlivening. You will dive deep with a small group of other individuals seeking the same growth and we will lead you through a series of short lectures, Q&A periods, and a lot of practices that are easy to learn and practically effective. The focus, for your benefit, is on the practices. 

Your relationship is stuck in habits, patterns, or loops that no longer serve

There is no sense of depth or purpose in your relationship

The dance of your relationship has become monotonous

You feel more like friends than lovers

You feel like strangers to each other

You lack sexual skills and variety

Your sex life feels sparse, lacking, or non existent

You love your partner but no longer feel connected to them

The navigation and balance of life and relationship is an ongoing struggle

You feel disconnected from your authentic feminine or masculine power source

You want to explore the possibilities in your relationship but don't know where to begin

Your relationship is amazing and you desire to pop it to a new level

This a very personal story. We were hurting. We were best friends... we loved each other... but something was wrong. We worried we weren't meant for each other. We got along on so many levels, but the passion was gone. Our relationship had become neutral, and it caused both of us a great deal of pain. Culture and life had dulled our passion.

In the midst of this pain, when it looked like this beautiful relationship was going to dissolve... we discovered the concept of polarity.  

I began to develop more direction, purpose, power and trust. Jennie began to develop more flow, light, shine, and openness. 

In a very short time, we were able to rekindle our passion.  It was shockingly simple.  

And we can do that for you

But of course... there is more to it than just embodying yin and yang energies.

We went on to discover that we had many facets, such as our bodies, minds, spirituality, heart, humor, and innate forms of expression. Each different facet had a different core energy and how you arranged them in your body affected how you showed up in the world and how you affected your intimate partner. We also discovered that we could play different parts, and different energies, in different combinations, and switch back and forth between Particle and Wave like states.

Our work can save authentic, intimate relationships

Our work can offer long term solutions to relationship pain


You are willing

You want to repair your relationship but don't know how

You want to deepen your relationship but don't know how

You want to experience more zest and color in your own life

You want to have a better, more magical connection

You want to discover your purpose in life

You want to reclaim your energy source

You are willing.

Your relationship is in full blown nuclear meltdown crisis mode.  There are other modalities more suited to assist with this

You are unwilling to stand up in front of others and be seen, stepping out of your comfort zone

You are unwilling to look honestly at yourself and peel away the layers of falseness

You don't want to do the work necessary to relax into something bigger

You just want sex tips on how to seduce others

First and foremost we aren't teaching material we learned in a book. We are teaching practices we have lived and developed in a life filled with raising three children, four dogs, nine cats, a daily hour commute, two regular jobs, extensive travel teaching, and every other element of married life with family and friends you can imagine (can you say flooded basement, dog diarrhea on the walls, taking care of elderly parents, and easing 3 children through the pitfalls of their teenage years?). And in the midst of all that magnificent swirl... polarity is kindled and passion ignited... Sinking in deep and loving passionately, giving artistically and living open and full.

My husband and I have made our tumultuous and passionate relationship work fairly well over the last decade, but I could still feel some things between us that just weren't connecting, as well as some healing that we both could use. I realized that my excessive masculine energy drowned out a lot of my husband's, and his lack of heart centered feminine energy made me feel unsafe; it was a vicious cycle we were caught in.  The intentions that were set and the space that was created by Jason was unconditionally loving, not to mention a very safe space to work through some personal discomforts. The other attendees were respectful, supportive, and the entire event felt profoundly kindred. Learning about intimacy as a personal journey was very different than learning sensual massage, sexual positions, or communication techniques. The individual exercises created the personal accountability needed to show up intimately in ways that best support my husband and my marriage. I cleared a lot of stagnant energy, as well as learning some beautiful embodiment techniques from Jennie. We now have some awesome tools to use! My husband and I are playing with the energies we've learned, breaking old habits, and connecting in deeper ways thanks to Shades of Intimacy.


Shades of Intimacy



Check our workshop schedule HERE.


If you have the desire to build a deeper, more passionate intimacy and life, and you are feeling stuck at the moment, this is exactly what you need.  If you want to know more information, go to the APPLY NOW page and contact us. We'll set up a free consultation.


Not a problem. The skills you learn here will translate into all realms of your life, including future relationships.  Many singles attend.


No. Due to the limited number of participants in these deep, private intensives, scholarships are no longer accepted. 


NO!  There will be NO sex or nudity during the intensives. The container is held in the highest integrity. The work is highly challenging, goes very deep, and can become very intimate, but there is no sex nor exchanging of bodily fluids of any kind nor inappropriate touching.


Yes. There is partnered work with other men and other women. This work is necessary and beneficial to each individual. As stated unequivocally before, this work is held in the highest integrity.


Yes. You will have the opportunity to receive follow up instruction and feedback through email and phone/skype consultations. You are not left hanging after the intensive.


Yes.  Private Coaching is available.  Contact us at Jason@jasonfsmith.com for appropriate options for both men and women.


No.  Travel related expenses, lodging, and food are not included.  A list of fine hotels in the area will be sent to you, and a list of restaurants will be given when you are sent out on lunch and dinner assignments.


Workshops run from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM each day with lunch and dinner breaks.  Assignments are typically given for both lunch and dinner breaks.  Advanced groups may even be given assignments for the evening.


Usually seated on the floor with backjacks, there will be short lectures with Q&A followed by ever evolving practices.  Practices require you to stand up and move around quiet a bit.  You will work with many different partners and must be comfortable with that.  The highest degree of integrity is maintained at all workshops.  Dress comfortably and dress to move. If you have any injuries you need to inform us beforehand.

Shades of Intimacy

Photo by Austen Diamond

Photo by Austen Diamond


Blocked… Confused… and in need of Change?

Is your relationship heading in the direction you want, but you are running into snags?


Do you know where you want to take your relationship but don’t know how to get there?


You have no idea where you want to take your relationship, but you realize it’s time to make a change?


Experience an Adventure…


A profound unraveling…

Clearing your Pipes…


A Cleaning of your Prism of Self…

A kneading of your Soul

When it comes to Intimacy… when it comes to Polarity…

Less is More…

Less talk…

More touch…

Sets your loving on fire!

When it comes to the heart of matter…


Are you are about to break?

Feel like you need an overhaul?

Do you feel like an Old Dog needing to learn new Tricks?

Or does your relationship need Realignment?

Come join us for a full weekend where we will strip away the excess and cut down to the core of who you really are in order to discover the deepest possibilities in sexual intimacy. In this realm you will learn to dance with your true self and offer that light as a gift to your partner.  Body… mind… spirit are one… and they need to come into alignment for your highest gifts to shine through the prism of your soul…  We’ll teach you to align your breath and body and purpose and spirit and mind… so that what you want to give most can be given cleanly… Before you die, to your lover, your friends, you family, your community, your world…

Come Learn the Breath of Life

Learn how to give and receive Feedback

Need some feedback on your compass?  Are your magnets depolarized and your compass failing?  Realign to your true north.

Learn How to Clean your Dirty Prism

We are the dream… light shines through us… and the degree to which we are clean… clear… and empty of content is the degree to which the light of the universe shines brighter and our sexual intimacy deepens.  Growing up means cleaning your prism, which is accomplished by dropping your fears, opinions, and beliefs that cloud the face of your sexual offering.

The Source of Your Unhappiness

The source of our unhappiness is not a single thing… it’s a single process.  That process is our willingness to succumb to short term gains. Short term gains almost always translate into long term pain.  The true source of happiness comes when you understand and embody the process as exemplified in the comment: 

Short term pain… for long term gain.

Come with us and Explore the FULL Spectrum of Intimacy

Join us for a spectrum of intimacy where you will learn learn to shed your skin and dance the divine with yourself, your partner, and the world unfettered by fears, distractions, and desires.  Your radiant light and ravishing dark side will both be explored.  

We’ll help you clean up the gunk of your life…

And return you to a full, natural, pristine state.

Come join us on a journey through your various selves and their selfing, to a mature continuum of compassion and compromise, past all those limits into the fullness of truly present loving and giving from the deepest of all sources, your deepest yearning and widest consciousness.

Truth is all.

You are all.

You are Truth.

Give it.  Gift it.  Go for it.

Shades of Intimacy Workshop Topics

  • 75% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes. How can men learn to delay ejaculation indefinitely to prolong love making? Build stamina in order to open women and allow them to surrender using tantric and taoist secrets.

  • How can men learn to have full body multiple orgasms?

  • How can women explore different types of orgasm: clitoral, g-spot, and cervical orgasms, among others.

  • What is your biggest gift and how can you give it fully?

  • How to use humor to brighten sex and relationship

  • Explore feminine yearning and surrender

  • Masculine riverbanks

  • How can you pass through your resistance to 'surrender'?

  • The Shades of Feminine and Masculine Closure

  • An understanding in your body of the profound differences of between masculine and feminine energy.

  • How to access your masculine purpose for use in life.

  • Secrets of female ejaculation

  • How to access your feminine radiance for use in life.

  • How to create instant polarity with someone using these energies.

  • Tapping into your dark side and using it as an offering instead of a curse

  • The Maturity Continuum, from dependence to independence to interdependence and then beyond.

  • The Four Stages of Maturity and Intimacy

  • The power of masculine purpose centered presence and how to offer it.

  • The power of feminine light and radiance.

  • The boundaries of light and dark energy sources and how to offer them as gifts instead of as selfing

  • Passing through boundaries of fears into openness

  • Dropping bags of rocks from your past through embodiment

  • Reconnecting to passion, for your own life and your intimacy

  • Experiential experience: Practice emphasized over theory

  • Heart Connection emphasized over quick fix techniques

  • Creatively exploring your potential in life through intimacy