I don’t want lack of money to ever be an excuse for someone not to get the help they desire and deserve.”

-Jason F. Smith

So yes, scholarships are available. Yes, most people pay full price to events and counseling, but some people legitimately can’t. (And sure… some people are just bargain hunters, but these scholarships are not for them.)

These scholarships are for those who are legitimately hungry and legitimately short on cash, but have plenty of time, priority, focus, faith and DESIRE.

Like someone applying for a College Scholarship or Internship: This is like that. You got to want it, and you got to need it. And… you got to ask for it and be willing to trade something for it. That is sometimes the hardest part.

I’ve paid full price for most things, AND I’ve been given scholarships to some things. So I’ve been on both ends of it. But it comes down to the same thing every time: Do you want it? Do you need it? Will you ask for it?

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