Modern Day Warrior


Modern Day Warrior is a workshop for men that will help you discover and refine your deepest purpose in the world among a tribe of trustable, powerful, compassionate brothers.  Using ancient and modern physical discoveries and practices that explore and highlight the differences between Masculine and Feminine archetypes, you will learn how to use the agility of polarity to increase your passion, power, and presence through your purpose in the world. 


November 4-6TH


What is the Modern Day Warrior Workshop?

The Modern Day Warrior Workshop is an Embodied Spiritual Path.... 

So what does "Embodied Spiritual Path" mean, exactly? 

Embodied: Means the skills and practices we teach are body practices. Things you DO in your body, as opposed to things you do in your mind.

Spiritual: We define spiritual in a very specific way here at the Modern Day Warrior Workshop.  We use four stages of human maturity.

Tribal Stages (Dependence, Independence, Interdependence)

Tribal stages are all about the survival of the species.  Air, water, and food.  Clothing, Shelter, Sex (reproduction), Safety in the Tribe, Security in the Tribe, love, relationship.  All of these are specific needs of the human animal in order for it to survive as a species on this planet.

Hence the two driving needs of Men today comes down to:

Career (money) and Relationship (sex)

All of this serves to keep us in the tribe, which keeps us alive, which provides the survival of the species.

Spiritual Stage (Integrated)

So in that context, whenever a human begins to think altruistically and artistically, he or she is leaving the realm of the tribal and entering the realm of what we call spirituality, which comes from the perspective of the Integrated State, where a man discovers his deepest purpose in life and learns how to offer that fully.



Modern Day Warriors are successful in the world (Career) and with their woman (Sex) and their family (Relationship)... and know their deepest purpose and share that effectively with the world.


There are a number of embodied skills we teach men that specifically and quantifiably  help them do the following:

Career (Be more successful and effective in making Money)

Sex (Have incredible long lasting sexual passion with their woman).

Relationships (Build long lasting trust and connection with those you work with and trust: Creating true and powerful Allies)

Find, Refine, and Offer their Deepest Purpose in the World


  1. Breath
  2. Posture
  3. Purpose
  4. Ritual
  5. Tribe

Content for Warriors

Men who have completed at least one Modern Day Warrior Intensive gave access to our archives of content and teachings, in PDF and Video Format.