Please submit a short review of your work with Jason, Jennie, or both. Please use the following format:

I had [THIS PROBLEM] and working with Jason and/or Jennie produced [THIS RESULT] (either solving the problem or not). Feel free to add your own additional thoughts and feelings and experience in working with Jason and Jennie, but being honest and shorter is preferred!

Thank you!

Additionally, if you are so inclined: Using your phone, video yourself (in selfie mode) saying the same thing you said in the form (20 seconds or LESS) and email that video to us at or through the Facebook messenger app.

Example: I was having trouble communicating my needs to my spouse. Jason and Jennie gave me tools and strategies to not only communicate better with my spouse, but they helped me see where I was blocked and responsible for some of the communication breakdown. I now communicate freely and deeply with my spouse! Thank you!




What was your problem when you went to work with Jason and Jennie?: I was getting continually stuck motivationally doing ad work on my business.

What was the result of working with Jason and Jennie? What did it do for you?: Jennie help me see the story in my head that I was believing that stopped me from advertising regularly. With her help I saw clearly I was lying to myself, and I was able to see clearly and start advertising regularly again.