Advanced Sexual Warrior Power

Day 5 – EYE GAZE


PART 1 – Share – Have you ever noticed some men won’t look you in the eye? Do you trust them? I don’t. So share here with your brothers what eye contact means to you.  What experiences do you have, as either one of those men who always looks away, or as a man who is accustomed to looking men in their eyes.

PART 2 – Eye Gazing – Today, to the best of your ability, make eye contact with your Queen. It’s okay to tell her what you are doing, and it’s okay if you decide to sit down together and do it as a practice, just looking into each other’s eyes.  Feel what it’s like to connect with her in this way for 2, 3, 5 minutes.  Don’t forget to connect to each other’s left eye.  It will help you avoid distraction by looking at each other’s different eyes.