There is pain in your relationship. That’s why you’ve come here. You can feel it deep down inside, like a splinter in your core. Something needs to change. You both need to grow. The pain of staying where you are at is now exceeding the fear of growing and pushing into something new. You are ready for something more.

You know it is time.  This is the place.  This is where it starts. This piercing pain in your heart must be answered. 

You are not wrong.

The Art of Intimacy is an ongoing series of Intensive Workshops for couples and individuals who are ready to take the next step in their long term intimacy. You have hit a wall and something needs to change. It may be serious, it may just be a subtle itch that needs to be scratched. Either way, you have come to the right place. Our Intimacy Intensives are experiential, deep, challenging, magical. and effective. They are also completely safe, and powerfully enlivening. You will dive deep with a small group of other individuals seeking the same thing and we will lead you through a series of short lectures, Q&A periods, and lots of practices. The focus, for your benefit, is on the practices.  

The dance of your relationship has become monotonous.

There is no sense of depth or purpose in your relationship.

Your relationship is stuck in habits, patterns, or loops that no longer serve.

Lack of personal purpose and a sense of aimlessness in your relationship.

Lack of personal energy and lack of energy for your partner.

You feel more like friends than lovers.

You feel like strangers to each other.

Your sex life feels sparse, lacking, or non existent.  

You love your partner but no longer feel connected to them.

The navigation and balance of life and relationship is an ongoing struggle.

You feel disconnected from your authentic feminine or masculine power source.

You want to explore the possibilities in your relationship but don't know where to begin.

Your relationship is amazing and you desire to pop it to a new level.

This a very personal story. We were hurting. We were best friends... we loved each other... but something was wrong. We worried we weren't meant for each other. We got along on so many levels, but the passion was gone. Our relationship had become neutral, and it caused both of us a great deal of pain.

In the midst of this pain, when it looked like this beautiful relationship was going to dissolve... we discovered the concept of polarity. We discovered the effect culture and life had on us, and how we had dulled our edges and lost our groove.  I began to develop more direction, purpose, power and trust.  Jennie began to develop more flow, light, shine, and openness. 

In a very short time, we were able to rekindle our passion.  It was shockingly simple.  And we can do that for you.

But of course... there is more to it than just embodying yin and yang energies.

We went on to discover that we had many facets, such as our bodies, minds, spirituality, heart, humor, and innate form of expression. Each different facet had a different core energy and how you arranged them in your body affected how you showed up in the world and how you affected your intimate partner.  We also discovered that we could play different parts, and different energies, in different combinations, and switch back and forth between Particle and Wave like states.

Our work can save authentic, intimate relationships.

Our work can offer long term solutions to relationship.

Our work offers long term magic and depth and growth, free of fears and limitations.

You are willing.

You want to repair your relationship but don't know how

You want to deepen your relationship but don't know how

You want to experience more zest and color in your life

You want to have a better, more magical connection

You want to discover your purpose in life

You want to reclaim your energy source

You are willing.

Your relationship is in full blown nuclear meltdown crisis mode.  There are other modalities more suited to assist with this.

You are unwilling to stand up in front of others and be seen, stepping out of your comfort zone.

You are unwilling to look honestly at yourself and peel away the layers of falseness.

You don't want to do the work necessary to relax into something bigger.

You just want sex tips on how to seduce others.

First and foremost we aren't teaching material we learned in a book. We are teaching practices we have lived and developed in a life filled with raising three children, four dogs, seven cats, a daily hour commute, two regular jobs, extensive travel teaching, and every other element of married life with family and friends you can imagine (can you say flooded basement, dog diarrhea on the walls, taking care of elderly parents, and easing 3 children through the pitfalls of their teenage years?). And in the midst of all that magnificent swirl... polarity is kindled and passion ignited... Sinking in deep and loving passionately.

Each separate intensive we do, whether together, or individually for Men and Women's training, (or even individual coaching sessions) becomes it's own unique expression. Each experience is a deep yet different dive into the magical art of sexual intimacy. 

When we first become aware of the possibilities in the realms of intimacy, we then dive into the actual practice of doing the various energies. The more we learn, the more unnecessary layers we shed, the more light shines through us in distinctly different, infinite, passionate patterns. With this discovery of new energies to play with, we also learn how to move from energy to energy. The initial dance between energies can be clunky, so GRACE is a skill to be learned. Finally, we'll discover the nearly endless passionate levels of depth in all these sensual expressions.  

So, you want to do it: It's time to learn the new skills that will save or elevate your relationship...  

Throughout the year we offer 4 distinctly different experiences.

  • $3,500
  • 3-Day Introductory Intensive
  • Short lectures, extensive experiential practices
  • A powerful container and primal and elemental deep introductory dive
  • One on One Coaching
  • Held in a private location in the Mountains of Utah
  • Next Scheduled Elemental Intimacy Intensive is November 2015.  
  • $6,500
  • 5-Day Advanced Intensive (Only for those who have gone through a 3-Day Intensive First)
  • Short Lectures, extensive experiential practices
  • A powerful container and much deeper dive into Ritual Depth
  • One on One Coaching
  • Held in a private location in the Mountains of Utah
  • Next Ritual Intimacy Intensive to be held in May, 2016.
  • $30,000
  • 3-Day Total Immersion
  • Very Private Setting High in the Mountains of Deer Valley
  • A Ceremonial Feast on Every Level
  • Includes access to a Private Chef, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Expert, and Massage Therapist
  • Private Elegant Lodging 
  • Deep One on One Coaching
  • A complete Ceremonial Dive into what is possible in Intimacy
  • Next Ceremony Intimacy Intensive held January 2016.  
  • $50,000
  • 5-Day Total Immersion (For Advanced Students only)
  • Very Private Setting High in the Mountains of Deer Valley
  • A Magickal Feast on Every Level
  • Includes access to a Private Chef, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Expert, and Massage Therapist
  • Private Elegant Lodging 
  • Deep One on One Coaching
  • A complete Magickal Dive into what is possible in Intimacy - Obtain results beyond your wildest dreams...
  • Next Magick Intimacy Intensive held July 2016.

All held in the distinctly magical and powerful heights of the Mountains in Park City and Deer Valley...

Are you ready to Dance?

If you are interested in attending or have any questions whatsoever email us at  We can also set up a time to talk on the phone or over Skype.  All people attending will be required to confer on the phone with us once before acceptance (this consultation is only for first time attendees.)

Travel related expenses are not included in any package.

Lodging is not included on the Elemental and Ritual Intensives.  A list of fine hotels in the area will be sent to you.

Lodging IS included with the Ceremony and Magick Intensives.

Intensives run from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM each day with lunch and dinner breaks.  Assignments are typically given for both lunch and dinner breaks.

Lunch and Dinner are NOT provided for Elemental or Ritual Intensives.

Lunch and Dinner ARE provided for Ceremony and Magick Intensives.

There will be short lectures and practices.  You will work with many different partners and must be comfortable with that.  The highest degree of integrity is maintained at all intensives.

No nudity is allowed, nor will their be inappropriate touching.

Dress comfortably and dress to move. If you have any injuries you need to inform us beforehand

When do the Trainings Take Place?

Check our workshop schedule HERE.

How do I know if this is Right For Me?

If you have the desire to build a deeper, more passionate intimacy and life, and you are feeling stuck at the moment, this is exactly what you need.

I Don't have a current partner

Not a problem. The skills you learn here will translate into all realms of your life, including future relationships.

Are there Scholarships Available?

Yes. The Elemental and Ritual Intimacy Intensives have scholarships available.

Will there be Sex?

No.  There will be no sex during the intensives. The container is held in the highest integrity. The work is highly challenging, goes very deep, and can become very intimate, but there is no sex nor exchanging of bodily fluids of any kind nor inappropriate touching.

will i be working with other people?

Yes. There is partnered work with other men and other women. Often this kind of work is necessary and beneficial to each individual as we help each other. As stated unequivocally before, this work is held in the highest integrity.

Is there any Follow up Work?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to receive follow up instruction and feedback through email and phone/skype consultations. You are not left hanging after the intensive.

Is there any private coaching available?

Yes. Contact us at for appropriate options for both men and women.

There is little that is more painful than a relationship that was once beautiful... and is now falling apart. For those of you in that position, my heart goes out to you. We were there.  And yes, some situations are irreconcilable. But most relationships have hope.  There is also little more painful than being unable to find the partner of your dreams. We've been there too. And we can help you.

There IS a way to create long term passionate intimacy and there is a way to find a partner that will fully meet you. It's possible, and this is the magic we offer. Take a dive into the deep end with us, come discover the hidden treasures of the deepest abyss. Here there be dragons... passionate, powerful, authentic, mad genius dragons. Together let's breathe in the fire of these dragons and set our world on fire with creativity, passion, and magick.

-Jason F. Smith


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