Welcome to Day 5 of your Seven Day Intimacy Challenge which will start you down the path of igniting your life and intimacy on fire.

Today we are talking about the next part of the The Code.  Armed with the fuel produced from the facts and the feelings, we now want to start exploring what we want.

And that means getting Focused.

90 Day Targets

The best way to explore that is to set Specific, Measurable, 90 Day Targets. Which is what you are going to do today.

You might be tempted to skip the Body, Being, Balance, and Business portion, but we highly recommend you do them all.  Taking care of all four of these areas is CRITICAL to success in Intimacy.


Below are examples of targets we have personally set or our clients have set and achieved using the 90 Day Challenge Structure.

Body - 12 MMA fighting classes, 24 yoga classes, run 60 miles over the 90 days with a 10k race at the end, gain 10 pounds in muscle, go to the gym 18 times, lose 10 pounds, stop drinking alcohol for 90 days, drink a green smoothie 5 days a week, take three 1 mile walks a week, eat one vegetarian meal a week, train to run an 8 minute mile, rest and heal from a severe injury by going to rehabilitation, eat paleo, eliminate sugar from diet, schedule 1 bodywork appointment each week. These are physical in nature.

Being - Go to church 9 times, meditate 10 minutes per day with a meditation retreat at the end, go hiking 6 times and journal your talks with god, pray daily and journal your findings, ultimately creating a small book of your revelations, attend 6 different churches or spiritual practices, attend 12 drum circles, do bibliomancy every day and write down your revelation. These are spiritual in nature.

Balance - Go on 12 dates with your kids, go on 12 dates with your partner with one weekend vacation at the end, take 12 dancing classes together, go to the gym together 24 times, do volunteer work with your partner or kids or both, put your phones away every night after 7pm, send a love note to your partner and children every day, write an autobiography for your kids. These are relationship oriented in nature.

Business - Bring home $5,000.00 King or Queen's Cash (personal money just for you), open a new business, take a new online business class, read 3 books in your business field (specialty, marketing, sales, systems, etc), launch a marketing campaign and maintain it throughout the 90 days, post 3 x’s each week on a professional or social website to promote your business/share knowledge/etc., interview for 4 new positions, de-clutter your house and have a garage sale at the end of the 90 days, create a chore schedule for your kids to get the house deep cleaned in the 90 days, personally remodel a bathroom. These are abundance and mental in nature.

Bedroom - Have sex 30 days in a row, spend 5 minutes looking into each other’s eyes and breathing with one another 3 times a week, try a new position each week, go to an intimacy event, get intimacy coaching for 90 days, take an online intimacy course, go on an exclusive intimacy weekend vacation, read 3 sex books and share them with each other, create a self-pleasure practice and do it 2/week, spend one whole day/week naked either alone or with your partner, practice non-orgasmic masturbation 2/week, if you are single join some form of social group to meet new people (hiking club, cooking group, etc.), set up 4 different evening sex-events complete with music, costumes, etc. Listen to the podcast to get ideas! These are sexual in nature.


If you are in a relationship, talk to your Partner.  Share the content you learned today. Invite them to join you on this challenge.


Teach the content you learned today. Teaching this material is the absolute best way to learn it. Learning it is the best way to live it. In a relationship and already taught your partner? Excellent…consider this part done. Single? Excellent….find someone else who could use this content.

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