By Fathers & Sons

Death Comes For Us All

I stood on the doorstep of my wife’s apartment and felt my heart go cold. There was a week’s worth of mail in the mailbox. Not good. Reach out, check. Door locked. Not good. Cold. I feel cold and my heart is sinking.

I call the Police for a welfare check. Not the first time.

I wait.

Time passes slowly like sap drying on a branch.

Then phone rings. Answer it. Rings again. Damn it. Pick it up.

“Mr. Smith, we have bad news.”


I gather my kids around me in the living room. I sit on the carpet. They sit with me. Family and friends and the local bishop have gathered. I tell them their mother has passed. They are ages 12, 10 and 8.

They haven’t seen her in a month, she’s been too collapsed in her addictions, but a few days before she made them all Valentines Cards. She called to talk to them but they were asleep.

Her last words to me were these: “How did this happen? I love you. I love the kids. How did this addiction get me so strong that I’m living in an apartment drunk most of the time, away from those I love the most?”

“It’s crazy, isn’t it.”

“It is crazy. I miss them so much. Give them the Valentine’s cards and stuffed animals, will you?”


Three days later puddled in the living room we all cry as I tell them she is gone.

Me and my three kids. Holding on for dear life I put my arms around them and squeeze tight as they let loose all their shock, pain… as their hearts break right in front of me, and mine breaks right in front of them.

“I can’t believe she’s really gone,” Riley, my 10 year old says.

I can’t believe it either.


And so began a new journey for which I was woefully unprepared. Single father of three kids…

I’ve got no road map. I’ve got no mentors.

I just have me and a determination to raise these kids with as much love and practical help as is humanly possible.

But I discover something. The road maps out there don’t always work. Times have changed, we are in a new Aeon, and raising our kids the way our parents raised us isn’t working. The old ways are failing, not producing the desired results. Health, religion, parenting, and business are all changing.

I discovered that me and my kids needed something new. Something that actually worked, even from a deficit of a lost wife and single father raising three kids.

And so I started looking and what I ended up doing was hacking my way through a fucking jungle of information and I discovered something: There are a ton of fucking ideas out there on how to do shit… but no one has a system of practical tools on how to actually get it done.

I had to synthesize thousand and thousands of dollars worth of books, seminars, trainings, workshops, intensives, coaching, and schooling into an actual practical series of tools that are easily teachable, easily doable, and work.

And this didn’t just have to work for me. It had to work for my kids.

And guess what?

It does work. It works for everyone.

As long as we do the work.


We all want better for ourselves. For our children. But how do we get there, especially when our children are so headstrong!

In many ways the younger generation are ahead of where I was at. But in other ways, they are way behind.

Here’s a new question: What if we combined the strengths of both generations in a way that truly delivers on it’s promise?

And that’s what I’ve done. I figured this shit out, and now I’m offering a program to you, so you don’t have to spend years in the jungle hacking away, not even sure you are in the right forest.

Hey: This is the story of YOUR life.

You are the hero.

There will be dragons, demons, and monsters.

  • But we have armor to defend.

  • Weapons to attack.

  • And vehicles to move us around.

We will not sit helpless while the world passes us by. t

This is our world.

We claim it. Through swift powerful united action. We are fiercely independent, and yet we are loyal to those ‘all in’ on growth.

We are not just seizing the day.

We are seizing our fucking lives!

That is what the King’s Quest is about.


All of this might sound great to you. Yes, let’s sieze my life and get what I really want. Yes, I see you did it, and I know you can lead me.

So what’s holding you back? It’s your Lizard Brain. It’s worried, concerned, and fearful and the biggest question it’s asking right now is this: How much is this going to cost? What does he really want from me?

I want you to grow, I want you to achieve, to have powerful experiences throughout life on an ambitious scale. I want you to live a life worth living.

And I want to make it affordable to you, so let’s get clear about how much this 30 day program costs: 

A Hundred Bucks.

Yup, that’s all.  Yes, it’s a loss leader, but I want to spread the message of the idea, The Modern Day Warrior’s Way, embracing our fierce individual differences as well as our desire to find brotherhood in a tribe dedicated to leaning into the wind and growing all the way to becoming a king.

So a hundred bucks doesn’t come close to covering the cost of what I’m giving you, and that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty. We all have our calling, and we get to choose in or not. I choose in on creating this 30 day program and selling it for a hundred bucks.

The target isn’t to get rich. The target is to spread the message and the tools.

So how can I do this without making money? I do it by giving a lot of value front loaded for only a hundred bucks. That lets both of us sleep well at night.

But let’s address his Lizard Brain of yours, worried about me charging you money, wanting something from you that is causing you to say fuck this shit, he’s trying to take from me.

Listen mother fucker, I’m trying to help, and one of the ways this works, is that you need to invest something into yourself. Into your own growth.  You’ll need to do the work. None of this shit comes cheap: Growth never does.  I’m talking about the TIME you have to put into this.

Stay with me, your Lizard Brain might be ready to fucking bail right now, but if you want what we have, there are no shortcuts.  Take the word HACK out of your system, and replace it with #DTFW.  It’s gonna take time brother, and it’s gonna take effort, and it’s gonna take faith. On those days when nothing makes sense, you are gonna have to keep going forward, and it’s gonna take focus, you are going to have to bring your mind to bear on things building capacity.  And it’s gonna take you WANTING IT.

Like you are going to have to get in touch with what you fucking truly want deep down in your balls brother. 

Look, until I got in touch with my power source, my balls, what I really fucking wanted in life, I was just treading water.  To really get moving, I needed to get fucking obsessed with what I wanted, past all the parental and cultural and religious bullshit conditioning and programming, telling me what not to want and what to want. 

Is it any wonder men of today lack power?

They’ve lied to themselves about what they truly want in this world because they are afraid if they get it they will be cast out, voted off the island, set adrift in a leaky boat on an endless sea over an infinitely black yawning abyss of ultimate blackness.

Yeah, that’s where your mind goes.

They say the current generation is lazy and selfish: That’s bullshit: They are sedated and confused.  If they were given permission to get what they TRULY wanted, they wouldn’t be churning away on the gerbil wheel of life living either their parents lives, or living a rebellious facsimile against their parents lives.

Fuck you Mom! Fuck you Dad!

What about living their own authentic truth? You need to get in touch with who the fuck you really are first, and that’s what we’re going to give you permission to do that in the next 30 days.

Is your Lizard Brain scared? You bet it is, and if it wins you’ll click off the page and never come back. 

But there is something here, isn’t’ there? You can FEEL IT. There is a novelty, a spark of fire and adventure and a hint of a promise of something more.

What if there is gold at the end of the rainbow?

I assure you there fucking IS fucking god at the end of the rainbow.  You just have to work to GET THERE.

I’m not lying to you, bullshitting you, in anyway.

The journey will not be fucking easy. I know, that sucks, but fuck brother, that’s the way it is. I’ve surrendered to the notion I could make shit happen with a thought. I had three kids who needed me and all the positive thoughts, mission statements, and rara bullshit didn’t do dick to help us. We needed to stand and start working.

That was bullshit and now I get up at 5:00 AM every morning and just go to work.

I got the strategies, high level.

I got the tactics, on the ground.

I have the tools to make it all work.

And I got a brotherhood of crazy individual mother fuckers like you who are dedicated to adventure, leaning into the wind, trying to help the world, not by denying themselves, but by getting exactly what they want.  Wanting so fiercely they dent the universe.

It all starts right here.  $100.00 bucks.  And 30 days of your life in an online over delivered on value program learning to live in a totally different way.

A way that works.

At this point, you know if you are in or not. There is no fence sitting at this point.  Give it a try? All in? Or fuck you Jason, I’m out.

Here’s the deal. I got no expectations.  I’m just a man who found a way that works, and I’m offering this idea to the marketplace. That’s my story. From the pit of shit like you read above, to the pinnacle of being able to fucking lead men, father’s and sons, with my sons, on this quest to gain true FREEDOM.

Because let’s face it.  That’s what this is really about.  FREEDOM.  Freedom to live the life you truly want to live.

Let’s get after it!

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What You’re Gonna Get…

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