Level 1 Practices - Practices for the 4° Initiate

The 4° Initiate practices include the core exercises for all Sexual Yoga, Ritual Magic, and Men's Spiritual Growth offered by the Chef of Enlightenment. It should be noted that these practices have been gleaned from various teachers, friends, and personal experiments through my lifetime. As such I claim ownership of none of them. Indeed, can anything be said to be original in a 13.798±0.037 billion year old universe? Certainly not, and as such you are free to use as you see fit, and even claim ownership of them.  They are not, of course, yours... but you can claim they are if you wish....


Core Level 1 Practices are scientific specific methods of increasing body strength & flexibility and authentic expression, energy awareness, mental focus, and core spiritual depth.  

Light and Practice

At any moment, we can let the light of love shine through us, so that we shine AS love, AS the universe. No training, no practices, no reaching is needed in these moments. But beyond instant enlightenment, beyond the moment of shine, can we develop skills to shine more brightly? No... skills never allow you to shine more brightly. Only cleaning the prism of self does that. But skills DO allow you to respond with more width and depth to the incoming flow of love light that shines through you. If you want to breathe open a person, feel past their blocks and open their kinks, paint the room with a heartbreaking music of your love, you will need to train, you will need to practice. Being LIGHT is a simple relaxation of who and what you already are. Combining DOING light with the skills to artfully express that love to the world in the form of offerings will take practice.

Below are a list of basic practices, with links to pages with exercises and deeper information. Many of these basic practices will be used and taught in the Co-Ed Intensives, Jennie's Women's Elemental Embodiment Classes, and the Modern Day Warrior Intensives.  These basic foundations enable each participant to go deeper into the ritual of the intensive and receive more outstanding life transforming results.


You will hear me teach and talk about how to keep your spine straight during exercises at our intensives.  The reason is simple.  Our bodies conduct energy much better when our spine is straight and our chest is open. This isn't just a yogic sexual thing, it works for presenting outselves openly to the world in a much more powerful fashion.

Click here for a couple Spine Straight Exercises you can do to immediately help you.


What more basic practice is there than Feeling Energy?  We are energy.  All the core magic Chef of Enlightenment Trantra Alchemical Sexual, Relationship, and Intimacy transcendence and depth charge soundings start with energy sensitivity.  Click HERE for basic energy practices.

  • Inner Smile
  • Feeling Out 
  • Chi Nei Tsan
  • Wisdom Chi Kung
  • Alchemy


Breath (Pranayama) forms the core of all work in Sexual Yoga.

  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • 3 Part Breath
  • Abdominal Breath
  • Reverse Breathing
  • Bandhas 


Basic Tantrix sexual skills for sexual intimacy in relationship are listed HERE.

For Men...

  • Scrotal Compression
  • Big Draw

For Women....

  • Jade Egg
  • Wand Practice


Basic bodily structural exercises.

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Tai Chi,
  • Chi Gong
  • Iron Shirt

Martial Arts

While I do not offer to teach more than the basics of any specific Martial Arts practice I do highly recommend it to both Men and Women as a powerful tool for opening to the universe and transforming your life into something magical and offering.

Jeet Kune Do

Eating Your Cake

This practice is a combined breath and visualization practice, along with a healthy dose of agility.  I've included a PDF of the item below, and here is the 20 minute video explaining the practice.

And here is a handy PDF to go along with the film: Have your cake... and eat it too!