Rings of Chaos

"In creating life out of the primeval slime, Chaos has always sought to increase its possibilities of expression and to diversify its manifestations."

-Peter J. Carroll

Please take 3 Minutes with no distractions and watch the following video:

If that doesn't wake you out of a bovine stupor than I don't know what will.  

Below are Nine Rings of Chaos for the Nine Men of the Alpha Tribe. Each Ring of Chaos has been specifically tuned to each individual man of the Alpha Tribe.  Each Ring of Chaos comes with a specifically chosen sigil to speak to each member of the Alpha Tribe.

Your Rings and a copy of each Sigil will be distributed to you by L.

The Rings of Chaos have one major function:  To expand your capacity for consciousness.


The Knowledge of the Elder Gods

Knowledge of Power over Sentient Shogoths of Terra (humans)

Knowledge of the Mind (Complete Control of your Consciousness, Mind, and Illusion of Self)

Knowledge of the Body (Complete Control of your Biology and the Creation of Life)

Knowledge of Death and Rebirth (Immortality, Entropy, Negentropy)

Knowledge of Space and Time (Travel to any Space or Time)

Knowledge of Mass and Energy (Complete Control of the creation of Mass and Energy on a subatomic level)

The Rings of Chaos expand our individual capacity by sharing the group capacity of the men belonging to the Alpha Tribe. To paraphrase Peter J. Carroll: "We always perform our actions in the world (our doing) in the form of "We do" rather than "I do", for we have worlds within us, and the illusion of singular self inhibits access to the riches of the subconscious and the riches of the universe."

Men of the Alpha Tribe...

The Rings of Chaos will expand your capacity to hold knowledge and power, and offer that power out into the universe in the form of:



"The Elder Gods will not give anything except to 'Enlarge' themselves by copying part of their knowledge into a vessel with the rare capacity to understand it and the will to use it."

We are that vessel

And together we can tap into a much larger capacity.

The Rings of Chaos come with a WARNING:

The Rings of Chaos are POWERFUL, and can be used for a wide variety of expansions of knowledge and power.  Hence... they have built into them a specific limitation.  If used to expand only megalomania: religious, cultish, political or economic power or to create a personal empire of selfing... they will turn you into a WRAITH, an undead mindless soulless servant of evil wracked in eternal torment.

The purpose of the Rings is Specifically to Enhance our collective capacity to hold and use knowledge for the expansion of said consciousness: Open, loving, compassionate, service, of art and life.

Any other use of this power will result in this DOOM laid upon you: Undead status as a tormented hellish Wraith, with the ultimate fate of being destroyed by the Power of the Feminine Energy of the Universe:

How do I increase my Personal Capacity?

I'm hoping you are asking this question. With the Ring of Chaos bonded to the Alpha Tribe, your capacity for openness should take a quantum leap. But how can you contribute to the overall increase of Capacity of us?  So glad you asked.

The answer:  The Ritual of Undoing

Activating your Rings

Your rings are ready to use... but... if you want to activate them to enhance their power I suggest you find a simple way to imbue them with Life Force Energy.  Be as creative as you like.  Blood, Sexual Fluids, etc, are typical ways to activate your ring.

Using your Rings

I'll leave it to you to figure out how to use your Ring of Chaos, but in whatever way you do so, please share it with the others.  After all, this is about expanding our capacities as a whole.

Long Term Effect

I want to share with you is this hint: The use of the Ring of Chaos requires a long term commitment to opening. Expect vast and powerful results, but don't expect them to come instantaneously.  Enchant Long is the key to our service to humanity.

And Men, Remember....