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Masculine Mastery

There is nothing more painful to a man than surrendering his lifestyle over to something he does not truly believe in. It is a death sentence.

Compromise in life is not necessary. Too often are we fooled into thinking about settling for comfort or convenience because it is the “rational path.” It is not. When a man allows this belief to take hold, he unintentionally castrates himself. Not only does this destroy the Masculine Spirit from the inside out, it also destroys his relationship with the outside world – his woman, his children, his co-workers.

Many of us were never taught how to live any other way. We were never shown the practices that cause us to awaken to our deepest purpose in life and support us through the process. We were never taught how to embody the qualities of Power, Trust or Presence as a gift to ourselves and to those around us. We were never given the road map that shows us how to live this kind of life. We didn’t even know that it was possible to learn such things.

We are here to tell you that such practices and strategies exist. And they are not just effective, they are disruptively life changing.

We created this gathering for those men who demand more from their lives.
We created this gathering for the courageous: the few men who are willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, and face their edges head on for the sake of something greater than the mundane. This workshop is for those who know there is something more.

We created this offering for anyone who never knew there was another way.

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