Advanced Sexual Warrior Power

Day 2 – The ENERGY – IN AND OUT circulating



PART 1 – Share – How did your conversation with the Queen go last night?  Share with your brothers on the group what went down.  This is one of those areas where you are going to probably want to share and get support.  Each woman is different, and their take on this is something that needs to be navigated carefully.

PART 2 – Energy Work.  Report to the group what you know about energy work.  The Chakras.  Kundalini. Meridians.  Auras.  Chi.  Psychics.  Reiki.  Chi Nei Tsang.  Energy has been coopted by the New Age crowd but that doesn’t mean there isn’t energy in your body. Most massage therapists are tuned into this. We want to start to shed the idea that energy is a new age quackery and investigate that fact that there is energy in the body, it can flow through you and into your partner and be cycled, doing so is key to the deepest sexual power.