The 60s Revolution


Ah… the 60s! 

What is the most important innovation of the 20th Century?

Air Travel?

Alan Turing’s Computer?

The Atomic Bomb?

None of those.

No, the biggest innovation of the 20th Century is this:  Sex has to be good for BOTH partners.

And what resulted from that epic revelation in the 60s?

Free Love.

But the 60s brought something more important than Woodstock…

What REALLY happened…. Was that women started to embrace their masculine energy.

Remember our reference to Mad Men?  Who epitomizes the new woman on that show? Peggy Olson.

She is single and assertive and brilliant at her job with the ad agency. She represents the epic change that was occurring in our society.

Women realized they could KISS ASS.  Not just in the home, but out in the business world.  They could have careers, run businesses, even… perhaps… become President of the United States of America.

And meanwhile… Men figured out they had FEELINGS!

This was a GREAT step!

Men began to understand their feminine energy side, which led them out into the woods smoking pot and dancing and making music:

 We are certainly more balanced.  Women can animate masculine energy with the best of them… and men can be authentic with their feelings and nurturing with the children.


Where does that leave us in our intimacy?

Is there a next step to take?

Past the 50s… rigid roles…

Past the 60s… wimpy men and ballbusting women?

Is there something beyond?

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