Jason and Jennie combine their expertise in relationship, sexual intimacy, life, and spirituality to offer you a wide array of services that will help you discover and live your deepest authenticity.  Generally Jason works with men, Jennie works with women, and they both work together with couples. While each service delivers a unique result towards a specific outcome, the same depth of quality and the same power of deliverance is provided within every service.  

IN YOUR body, being (spirituality), balance (INTIMACY), business




There are usually two types of clients.

Those who are going in the direction they want, yet are running into obstacles they can't overcome.

Those who have no idea where they want to go, yet know they can't stay where they are any long: It's a must: Grow or die.

Jason and Jennie provide coaching for either type of client that you may be. 

Through private coaching sessions you can dig deeper into the pit you have found yourself in and get REAL and RAW about where you are in order to discover the truth about where you REALLY want to go and how to get there.

Designed with one goal in mind – to get YOU to where you want to go in life – the true value of each service emerges from your willingness and desire to go deep. The path of a particular service can be quite flexible depending on what you wish to achieve in your work with Jason and Jennie. If you are unsure which service would benefit your goals the most, simply contact us to discuss further options.

  • Private 1 on 1 Counseling Check Ins
  • Private Personalized Programs
  • Private & Group Retreats
  • Group Online Courses
  • Group Workshops
  • Men's and Women's Groups

Whether face to face, on the phone, via skype, or in a workshop... through private coaching you can dig deeper into the rich soil of your life and grow upward with renewed enthusiasm, power, and purpose.

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Are you


for more?

In your life you will want to create and go beyond what you are experiencing right now.

In your life you will experience times of inability, confusion, challenge and frustration

In your life you will realize that fulfillment is not yet truly yours

In your life you will not just want but NEED. 

Are you Ready for MORE?  Is it a need? Is it a must? If not... you aren't ready.



one on one


These industry standard 55 minute sessions allow you to simply check in and ask specific or general questions on the topic of sexuality, intimacy or life.  These are short, highly focused, sessions aimed at providing you with specific insights, information, and resources to assist you in moving forward on exactly what is concerning you in the moment.

  • We only dig into your situation as far as we can go per session and no follow up is provided.
  • Suggestions are made in how to move ahead yet no formal practices or programs are created.
  • Can be a one off session or linked together, yet considered unique and stand-alone with no continuity purposefully held.
  • The scope of what is provided is based on how much you what to obtain.
  • We go where you want to go based on what you bring.
  • Can be booked on very short notice, sometimes for the same day
  • Phone or Skype only
  • Sessions start at $400.00 an hour

In-depth Counselling Session

When you require a safe and dynamic space to explore ideas, push boundaries, test edges, make linkages, and gain perspective, an In-depth Counsel Session will be of benefit to you.

We’ll meet in complete trust, integrity, and security, such that you’ll gain the counsel you require to make an informed and embodied decision. This is a longer session than Simple Check-In that takes into account the larger scope of what you are presenting, with a further emphasis on relational connection.

Benefits of a counselling session include:

  • Explore and work with your ideas in new ways
  • Feel comfortable expressing your self in whatever manner will enhance your exploration
  • Gain insights from various unique facets that we provide
  • Receive challenge and support in a manner that promotes and enhances your own process
  • Ask whatever questions you haven’t been able to ask before
  • Obtain clear discerning feedback about what you are presenting

An In-Depth Counsel Session session is not therapy or coaching. A counsel session works with what you bring to the table to offer you new ways to comprehend what you’re working on. We'll provide you with firm ground to stand on and a solid container to press against, as you step into your winds of change, your crucible of creation.

  • A good style of session for those who want to establish a longer term relationship, or who have been involved in a coaching program at one time and want to continue to meet
  • We can dig in based on longer term context of our relationship, meaning I’ll take into account our previous sessions
  • No follow-up is provided
  • Suggestions are made in how to move ahead yet no formal practices or programs are provided, though we may come up with some for you to move forward with
  • Phone, Skype, in person
  • Session time length 1-1.5 hours
  • Sessions start at $400.00 an hour

Private Personalized Life Coaching Program

SHORT Coaching Programs

This is a stand-alone two-part program designed to give you what you need to start working on your own development. A program is designed consisting of specific education, insights, practices, and techniques that you will use to guide your own process.

This format works well for people who:

  • Don’t have time for a full coaching program
  • Prefer to work on their own
  • Are working on something small and specific
  • Don’t require support in their development, just need some guidance
  • Want to try out coaching before they commit to a full program
  • Do not have the money to invest in a full coaching program
  • Phone, Skype, in person
  • Two 1.5-2h long sessions
  • Pricing is usually around $300.00 per hour depending on your needs.


These are sophisticated professional coaching programs.  This program supports, holds, and encourages you in your development, while consistently drawing you into a deeper way of being. An exclusively individualized program leading you through a comprehensive process determined by exactly what you want to achieve.

This Program is designed based on your current situation – what you want to achieve –  with specific measurable objectives. The program is consistently calibrated to maximize your growth over a specific time period.

  • How do you live a conscious life in the 21st century?
  • How do you develop the capacities necessary to open up to larger possibilities (for yourself and the world), while staying in touch with those you love, while being able to comprehend the ever-expanding and increasingly complex world-space that you find your self in?
  • How do you have a good relationship, make money, stay in shape, and be available to experience something greater than yourself?

With access to an abundant array of domains including physical fitness, diet, emotional intelligence, shadow work, spirituality, relationship work, sexual intimacy, cognitive development, artistic expression, subtle body development, spirituality, ritual, worldview expansion, communication, parenting, and much more - the long program will take into account where you currently are in your life, what you want to achieve, and how you desire to get there.

This dynamic design will provide you with a progressive pathway to a more fulfilling life of conscious practice, and a more enjoyable way to participate with existence.

The usual program format is:

  • We meet once every two to three weeks
  • Exact program length will vary depending on what you wish to accomplish but is usually 6-12 months
  • We collaboratively establish specific objectives to measure the outcomes of your program
  • Regular practices are designed to build the capacities you’ll require to start moving towards your goals
  • Your commitment is paramount to the success of your program
  • First two sessions regularly 1.5-2 hours in length
  • Subsequent sessions 1-1.5 hours in length
  • Phone, Skype, in person
  • Pricing is adjustable based on length of contract commitment.



When you need to get away to do some deep personal work, a Solo Retreat is exactly what you are looking for. Based on what you desire to achieve, where you need to go in your life, I’ll create a Solo Retreat that will take you into the heart of who you are. The scope of this retreat is definitely crafted to meet your needs. Silence, challenge, easeful mastery, shadow-work, conversation, fitness, relaxation, communion, ritual, meditation, laughter, synergy, emotional work, fun, peace, chaos – all of this and more is possible.

The creative arc of your Solo Retreat is determined by what you need next for your life. Definitely not a holiday, a Solo Retreat contains the strong focus of opening, evolving, moving deeper into what you want to work on, who you wish to become. The time length and location will vary depending on what you are looking for.

  • A couple of days in a cabin on Molokai 
  • A week in the open skies of the Zions National Park.
  • A month in a loft in New York.  
  • A weekend nature ritual with advanced chaos magicians deep in the English countryside. 
  • A hike in Tibet
  • A retreat on Bali
  • Maybe a weekend to disappear at the Grand America in Salt Lake City

Where we go and what we do is based on what you want to achieve and the scope of your budget. In a Solo Retreat bigger is not better. All of this can also happen locally right where you live. What reigns supreme in a Solo Retreat is access to what you need in order to create what is next for you.

As your guide I am actively involved in insuring you are met in manner that will serve you to the deepest and fullest. Consider what you need right now to turn the page into the next chapter of your life. Connect with me, I’ll offer some ideas for a Solo Retreat, and we’ll take it from there.


At certain times when inspiration and need and magic coincide, we'll offer select private group retreats and rituals, visiting such places as the deserts of Southern Utah, the Mountains of Northern Utah, the rivers if Idaho, the redwood foresets of Northern California, or the Islands of Hawaii.  These are more guided and organized retreats, where we create a specific offering for participants.




There is power and magic when small groups of people circle together in the crucible of one of our private workshop intensives. Hearts are uncovered, deep gifting is allowed and courage is found sacred spaces. Come immerse yourself in the possibilities of pushing your edges into unknown undiscovered territory. You can read about the material all you want, but nothing compares to the Rite of Passage that is the Shades of Intimacy Intensive. You have to experience it to believe it, and it's only for those who are ready.  How do you know if you are ready? It's a MUST.  There is no discussion. It's time to change your life and your intimacy RIGHT NOW, or else.


Shades of Intimacy is an Intimacy Polarity workshop for men and women, couples and singles, exploring and highlighting the differences between Masculine and Feminine archetypes, using ancient and modern discoveries and practices, that will enhance your intimacy, rekindle your romance, and reveal your deepest communions. The workshop will help you find the partner you most deeply desire or intensify your current relationship. We help men and women successfully navigate today’s confusing and evolving Masculine and Feminine roles in society.

For more infortion HERE.


Modern Day Warrior is a workshop for men that will help you discover and refine your deepest purpose in the world among a tribe of trustable, powerful, compassionate brothers.  Using ancient and modern physical discoveries and practices that explore and highlight the differences between Masculine and Feminine archetypes, you will learn how to use the agility of polarity to increase your passion, power, and presence through your purpose in the world. 

For more information click HERE.


Elemental Feminine is a workshop for women intrigued by the idea of embodying their most powerful feminine essence.  It is for women sensing they have magick running right below the surface, yearning to access something more in their deepest life's expressions.  Using ancient and modern embodied discoveries and practices the workshop explores radical spirituality and magical storytelling to create a life of fullness, love and light.

For more information click HERE.


Men and Women's Groups

Jason and Jennie organize and lead small private groups for both Men and Women that meet usually once a month in Utah.  Each group has a limited number of members and comes together as a group to teach each other and hold each other accountable for living a deeper, more gifting life.

If you are interested in joining or forming a group, contact us HERE.