Dreamers Dreaming Magical Lives

A Facebook Group of Fearless Explorers Sexual Intimacy, Radical Spirituality, and Magickal Storytelling.  Click HERE to join.



Sexual Explorers of the Dark Unconscious

We are Outlaw Artists

We are Magicians of the new Frontier

Psyconauts of the Lunar Seas

We are people who take a good look at themselves, are willing to get rid of our shit and move past it so that our relationship is deep and profound, even artistic.

We are people who aren’t afraid of the dirty side of life: Sex, blood, sweat, puke, shit, life, death; the whole grubby biological beauty of the world.

We are people who turn their sexuality, their purpose, their health, into an art form of offering Magick into the world.

We are searching for a hidden connection in our intimacy, in our lives, that we know is there.

We are Elevating our Intimacy to an Art Form