The Next Step in determining if you we are both a yes to working together is to fill out the recommended Keys of the Kingdom of your Marriage questionnaire below.

It’s optional, but the bottom line is that this is really the first step to getting your relationship on track. It’s not only helpful to us, it’s going to be immensely helpful to your marriage and you personally. That’s why we recommend you go slow and take it seriously.

Consider this: If you aren’t willing to fill this out, you might be looking for a quick fix.  Part of the reason we do this is to see how serious you are about solving your problems. Decades of doing this work has shown us that success is 100% correlated to intent. We want you to succeed, with all our hearts, but if you aren’t really clear on doing what it takes to succeed in your marriage, we probably aren’t a good fit. 

Keys of the Kingdom Questions

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