WE Can help you take the Journey of a lifetime.

We can help you completely transform your life

(From the Caterpillar)

(To the Butterfly)


Childhood Segregated State


Adulthood Integrated State

Henry David Thoreau said:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation


how do we grow up?  

Get off the Gerbil Wheel?

Here is the appearing universe...

And here is your segregated self inside it...

This is what we call...


Tribal Poetry

We think the world around us is as it is.... we think we are separate from each other and from the world itself.  We are in the segregated self.  We might be selfish pigs in that state, or open ecstatically serving each other... 

And yet...

Is there something more beyond Tribal Poetry?

Can we go further? 

you begin to wonder... 

It is time to make a change?

Your discontent is growing.

(Redecorating your Life)

Is there still FURTHER to go?


The Integrated State

We can TEACH YOU how to grow up, die to the old, be reborn to the new, and integrate into the universe into true radiant bliss.  

Together we can play the haunting, enlightening, heartbreaking:


Music of the Spheres

So if you FEEL it...

The hunger for something more...

What can you do?


Begin the Hero's Journey of death and rebirth, from Caterpillar to Butterfly with us by accepting your discontent


Try to go back to sleep (numb it out)

Model recreated from one by Jed Mckenna

Model recreated from one by Jed Mckenna

The Event often comes upon when we've resisted too long growing up and integrating into the warp and weft of the weave. 

The Event - The Tower (Death)

Art by Parker Webb

Art by Parker Webb

And yet... always... always... always..

The tower leads you to rebirth…

(the butterfly)

Adulthood – Integrated State


And then would you like to play with Magick?

If you would like to die of the flesh and be born of the spirit… 

If you wish to wake up within the dream, to shuffle off this mortal coil…

Then contact me at Jason@Jasonfsmith.com

And Brace for Impact.