One Process

"The psyche and the world begin to coincide, and the barriers come down.  Then we begin to be happy."

-Adi Da

Take this as an invitation to participate fully in your own life...

Smooth Effortless Functioning

Doing less and accomplishing more

Ease and Contentment

Unwavering Trust

Idyllic, Stress-Free Lifestyle

Away From the World

Surrounded by Beauty and Animals

No Struggle

Live well but not ostentatiously



Unornamented and Unadorned

Lacking Nothing


Let me make it clear. In your intimacy and your life, there is nothing more important than the journey from the Segregated State to the Integrated State. That's where your REAL life begins.  Nothing else really means anything if you are still living in the goo pod like Neo was in the Matrix:

What else is there?  No secondary prize is worth it.  No amount of money, no amount of adoration, glory, power, knowledge... what good is it all unless you are out of that pod?

You have one thing to focus on in your intimacy, in your life. The Journey: From the Segregated State to the Integrated State.

Die of the Flesh

Be Reborn of the Spirit

What Else is There?