My Allies and Partners in Crime

Jennifer Stanchfield

This powerful magician is dedicated to opening the world and in particular opening women to their true power through embodiment, ritual, and ceremony.  My main ally and partner in crime, she also happens to share her love and life with me in our beautiful home among our diverse cacophony of children and animals in the mountains of Utah. Check out her offerings HERE.

Suzanne Wagner

This psychic, author and teacher is dedicated to opening women and men to their authentic selves.  She also happens to be a loyal, dear friend who has stood by my side through the darkest of storms and never wavered.. Check out her offerings HERE.

Justin Patrick Pierce


Founder of Metaphysical Fitness and leader of men, Justin is taking us into the new Aeon with a bold powerful approach to metaphysics.

Christopher Sunyata

Christopher Sunyata is a masculine depth coach who has walked the agile path of deep polarity. His powerful energy is matched by the generosity of his spirit.  His offerings can be found here: Christopher Sunyata