It would be impossible to list every single person, place, or thing that influenced me. The seeds of all 'teachings' were created the moment the universe appeared in existence. I can obviously claim none of them for my own, but only integrate them into my life and offer them as gifts in the best, most humble, and skillful way possible to those I teach.

Never the less, below is a list of teachers I would like to honor with deep respect and gratitude:

Stephen R. Covey: He has given me powerful concepts, models, and tools of growth that have proven to be effective in my life, my family's life, and in those I teach.

Adi Da: I honor this magical man for the transmission of reality to me, in the realms of polarity, heart, and oneness.

David Deida: He opened the portal for me and transmits from the sourcs. His influence on me personally has been profound.

Michaela Boehm: Her influence on my personal development and growth as a man, as a father, as a husband, and as a teacher is deep.

James Baye: It would be hard to over emphasize the honor and respect I have for this man who taught me so much in so little time.

Peter J. Carroll: Magician, Philosopher, and Scientist, much of his genius has influenced my life.

U.G. Krisnamurti, Bernadette Roberts, and Jed Mckenna: An example of three (possibly) enlightened people (along with Adi Da, above), who have experience of abiding non dual awareness (a term coined by Mckenna, I believe). As far as I can tell, Jed is the origin of using the terms Segregated State and Integrated State. The terms are clunky, especially due to the history of America during the Civil War and the term segregation. But until something better comes along that's what we'll use. Jed was also instrumental in helping me understand the true nature of FEAR and he explain non dual awareness in terms of the C-Rex and U-Rex models. Not to mention... Childhood, Adulthood, Butterflies, and Vampires!

Easter Wisdom, Tantra, Buddhism, Taoism: A great deal of the bodily practices I use myself and teach find their origin in Eastern philosophies, from breath, to polarity, to energetics through a variety of teaches.

The Mysterious: Some influences prefer to remain hidden and avoid public acknowledgement. To those people who have influenced and gifted me throughout my life, willingly or unwillingly, I salute and honor you.

People: How many people have influenced me?  Women, men, children. Friends. Family. People who have taught me, people I've taught. It's all one, and the specific list would be endless. But to all those fellow appearing characters here in the dream have given me gifts beyond count. I acknowledge them all, and the universe behind them.

The Matrix: Born from the collective experiences of the Wachowski's with a long deep reference to many philosophies about the true nature of reality, the movie is a gold mine for those seeking nuggets of wisdom helping them grow from the fear based segregated state to the open fearless integrated state.

The Art of Sexual Intimacy

The first time I heard the term The Art of Sexual Intimacy was from my coach James Baye.  I have since discovered it was also a book published in 1993 by Andrew Stanway and Ralph Medland.  I have not read the book, and I have no idea if James ever read the book, though I am guessing he did not. It does not even have any reviews on Amazon so it does not appear to have a very deep impact. I recently also found an article entitled The Art of Sexual Intimacy in a blog post, but this was published in 2013 and appears 100% unrelated to the material on this website.  

Art / Artist References

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