Welcome to Day 2 of your Seven Day Shades of Intimacy Challenge which will start you down the path of igniting your intimacy and life on fire. 

Today we are talking about something called the INTIMACY MAP, which you can download below.  Here is a picture of it:

Intimacy Map.JPG

This simple tool is going to change your entire life. We'll be going into it much deeper throughout the week, and we use it extensively in our 90 Day Intimacy Coaching and Live Events, but we'll start right now with a brief overview of the concept.

Fueled by the power of the answers from of the Foundation, we enter into the game of 90 Day Challenges.

90 Day Challenges are BY FAR the BEST way we've ever discovered of converting the gains you make through coaching and events into long term sustainable purpose driven intimacy in your life. 

In the coming days well go through the process of getting REAL with the FACTS of where you are in your life, then we'll connect with the RAW FEELINGS.

Facts + Feelings = FUEL

With that FUEL, we'll get clear on the FRUIT you truly want (the Possibilities), and from there we'll get FOCUSED on how to get them (the Path). 

Right now, we just want you to take look at the map and start considering what your facts and feelings are and the 90 day and 1 year targets you'll make. Don't over think this, we'll be going much deeper into this in the coming days, but do get familiar with it.


The Quality of Your Intimacy and Life are Determined by your ability to Embrace Expansion

SHARE WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED – Today you are going to share what you've learned about the Intimacy Map, Expansion and how the Facts + Feelings = Fuel to get the Fruit you truly want in your life.  You can share it with anyone you like, including your partner.  The key to understand is that the process of teaching it to someone else will help you truly get the material.


If at any time you are ready to get directly on a phone call with one of us to discuss coaching or EVENTS, THEN CLICK THE LINK BELOW ANd fill out THE APPLICATION. 

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Below is a short audio breath practice you can download.