The quality Of your life AND INTIMACY is based on the quality of your questions. Know Thyself. The un-examined life is not worth living.  

PART 1 – Learn

Today you are going to take some time and get clear on the basics. Almost everyone wants to rush past building the foundations to get to the fun and juicy sex stuff.  That approach won't work for long term success in intimacy, purpose, and life. 

Take the time to answer these questions below. We suggest you write them down to get distance and clarity. Don’t blow by this step. Get some space, take your time, dig deep. If we don’t determine the strengths and weaknesses that affect our foundation we cannot build on top of it.

1.  Who are you?  Really, no bullshit. Who are you? Mother? Father? Son? Daughter? Entrepreneur? Blue Collar? White Collar? Homosexual? Heterosexual? Bisexual? Christian? Muslim? Atheist? Wiccan? Vegan? Vegetarian? Organic only? McDonalds only? Yogini? Body Builder? Couch Surfer? What roles do you play in your life?

2.  Why are you here?  Why are you reading this? Why are you on this website? Why did you sign up for this 7 Day Intimacy Challenge? Why do you care about ANY of this?

3.  Where are you at today? Where are you at in your life? What are your current results in your body and fuel (food), connection to something bigger than yourself (God/Goddess/Universe/Intuition), relationships with partner/kids/family/friends, business (money, abundance, how you organize and run your life/home/career).

4.  Where do you actually want to go? Where do you want to go in your life? You might not have a clear vision of the possibilities, and that’s okay. You can simply want to MOVE. We knew something better was possible, and at first we didn’t know what that was, but we DID know we were not going to settle for good enough. We wanted more.

5.  What is in the way of getting there? What obstacles do you currently see in the way of getting to where you want to go? Lack of time? Money? Knowledge? Capacity? Willingness? Buy-in from your partner? Fear?

PART 2 -  Share

If you have a partner, tell them that you are taking this free 7 Day Intimacy Map Challenge and why.  Share with them your answers to the above questions. Get their input. They might worry you are taking a ‘sex’ course… and you ARE. But that’s okay. If you want to have better sex with your Partner, it’s going to start with telling the truth and opening the communication lines. I know some of you might be embarrassed about being in an intimacy challenge.  We get it, we were the same way. But one day we had to get fucking clear on what we really wanted. When we did that, we were able to drop our stories about being scared or embarrassed and get to the sex and relationship we wanted.

PART 3 - Teach

Teach the content you learned today. Teaching this material is the absolute best way to learning it. Learning it is the best way to live it. In a relationship and already taught your partner? Excellent…consider this part done. Single? Excellent….find someone else who could use this content.

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