So it happens to me every day. Someone asks me what the hell is THE STACK? They are listening to the Podcast, or reading stuff I write on Facebook, and they hear about this tool over and over again. But what is it? I took an informal walk the other day with my phone, and took a moment to just connect with you, one on one, without all the hoopla of film studios and editing. This is the STACK:

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I was full of bullshit…

Hello! Jason here, to tell you about The Stack, but before I do, I want to tell you a little bit about me.

As some of you know my wife died of a drug overdose to painkillers and I had to raise my kids by myself until Jennie came into the picture.

Kids are never easy, but try raising them by yourself!

Some of you know what I’m talking about.

We came from a cauldron of addiction and codependency. If you know that world, you know how difficult it is: There are so many lies in the space.

You could say I was a walking trigger, constantly tight in my body and mind, seeing demons in every shadow. And I had good cause! I remember finding a beer can squished up in one of my socks. Yep, my wife, bless her soul, tried to hide that she was drinking again and crushed up a can and hid it in my sock inside my sock drawer.

I’m sure you have heard stories like that, but something about living that way was like being boiled alive. You never knew when to jump out of the water till it was too late.

All of us got so lost in our heads and in our stories of what we thought was true. It’s was like chasing shadows.

I know what some of you are asking: How did you get out of that trap?

Because even though my wife passed away we still had what they call ‘stinking thinking’ going on. I call it being critically confused and telling huge fucking lies about it.

So how did I get my head turned straight? Anti-Depressants? Therapy? Self-Help Books? Bishop’s Blessings? Prayers and Prayers and more Prayers? Shaman Circles using sacred medicine? New Age Tarot Reading Cranial Sacral light workers?

Oh yeah I tried them all, and none of them worked.

So again, you are asking, what worked? And what you might really be asking is this: “Will it work for me as well?”

This is how I survived: I ruthlessly began to examine my thoughts, subjecting them to a process not unlike self digestion. I did this like a madman WALKING. Movement has always been good for me, and I walked and walked and examined my shitty thinking.

And when I say I walked, brothers and sisters, I walked miles and miles and miles. I lost stopped eating, lost 40 pounds, and wore holes in my shoes. It was summer and I couldn’t sleep, so I walked.

And I began to tear apart the fabric of my mind, separating fact from fiction over and over again. It was a fucking brutal process, I won’t lie, and it felt like I was losing my mind.

So many things I had believed turned out to be total fucking bullshit. I was the king of bullshit and lies. I couldn’t keep them straight, all trying to prop up my fragile ego that wanted to blame ‘her’ for her disease, when my thinking was just as fucking bad, or worse, considering I wasn’t addicted to drugs and alcohol.

At my worst, I remember realizing I wasn’t a good father to those three kids of mine. And that drove me on. I knew I needed to give them something better than what I had been given, and what they had now.

And then the walking burning thinking process started to work… so I kept at it, day after day, night after night.

Eventually I was able to stand on my own two feet with a semblance of grounding under me, feeling life return to my body, and the results in my life started to change. My body got stronger and more healthy, I started to eat again. I forged a new understanding with God that was absent all the bullshit of my hangups about organized religion. I was able to connect again heart to heart with my kids, and I started to see that my current business while lucrative was not where my deepest authentic gift could be fully expressed.

Years later, someone asked me how I got out of the pit I was in. I described the above process to them and they asked: “That’s great, but explain it to me so I can use it in my own life. You’ve got to have something better than starting walking and thinking until you figure it out.”

I had to laugh, because that’s pretty much how I did it!

But I took my friend seriously and started to consider what I had done. Could I map it? Turns out I could! And so I set to work creating a teachable useful process for others to use. And as I did I started to find other ideas from other people who discovered similar processes, like Jed Mckenna, Byron Katie, and Garrett J. White.

Eventually the tool resolved itself into what we call THE STACK, as organized by Garrett J. White.

So will this tool work for you?

That’s your number one question.

When I go hunting tools and tactics and strategies that’s the number one question I have. “Will it work for me?”

Well first let me tell you that I use The Stack EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yep, I do a Stack every day.

And guess who else does it every day? My wife Jennie. Reach out and ask her about it.

In fact, you can read about hundreds and hundreds of men and women who stack every single day and who swear by it as a tool to clean up faulty thinking and get truly in line with their authentic desires creating a roadmap to achievement.

So maybe this is your next question: “Hey Jason, my situation isn’t nearly as bad as yours was. What will The Stack do for me?”

Hey, I get it, my story is extreme, but that just tells you the tool really works. If it works for me, my wife, our clients, and thousands of others… then it’s going to work for you.

In fact, I’ve never seen it fail. IT ALWAYS WORKS.

Okay here’s another question: Wo what are the results, really, that I’ll get from this tool?

I’m tempted to say CLEAR THINKING, and leave it at that, but let me elaborate.

You know when something triggers you, and you get pissed, angry, sad, confused, or just plain messed up? And your emotional state compromises your ability to act in a way that you want to?

The Stack takes care of that. In fact, it feeds on triggers, and provides a clear way to deal with your emotions that does NOT INCLUDE STUFFING THEM DOWN AND IGNORING THEM!!!

Next it refines over and over again your ability to get clear about what you truly want. This in itself is invaluable, as most people I’m working with are very confused on what they truly want. The power of clarity in your desires is not to be underestimated.

Next, with your emotions processed in a healthy way, and your vision clear, you are set about to examine the stories in your head! Sounds tough, right? Yeah, it’s a mess sometimes, but The Stack provides a structure to look at your story from different angles in a way that loosens the stories hold on you and expands your mind to new opportunities you could never have even dreamed of!

But we are not done! The next thing it does is crystallize the experience you’ve had by helping you see the positive in it. This changes your thinking daily from that of being a victim to that of being in charge of not only your mind and emotions, but being in charge of your entire life.

Finally, and this is the best part: There is a process of reducing all you have experienced down to a diamond gift of wisdom. In this final step you become your own teacher, your own guru, and the true master of your own destiny, the true captain of your soul.

Brothers and Sisters, I’m excited to introduce this tool to you, because it WORKS. Jennie and I proved that, after years of struggle, the process I began years ago to survive the death of my wife and refined down to what has now become: The Stack.


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