I went to Modern Day Warrior because my friend teaches the course and another friend who is going through a marital separation was going and I wanted to be there as a support in the course and a support in general.I expected some new-age, hippy-yoga weirdness and some self-help information. I got vastly more useful information than I expected for improving my health, nutrition, relationships and profession. I gained some friends, a sense of tribe/brotherhood. I participated in soul-searching, emotional and motivation activities that were life-affirming and inspiring. I can’t imagine a man who would not benefit from this program.  I have already recommended it to many and plan to attend again.


I came to the Modern Day Warrior workshop because my life is melting down around me. My wife left me recently, and I have been in a tailspin. I grabbed a hold of this workshop as a possible way to help arrest the plummet.
I was not sure what to expect. I was looking for comfort, solace, and peace. I was looking for anything that would help fill up the raw, gaping wound in the middle of my heart.  I was looking for tools, for help of any kind.
What the Modern Day Warrior gave to me: structure, tools, hope. It gave me companionship. It helped me to know how I can improve myself, and how to ease the pain of being abandoned and hung out to dry. I felt a huge outpouring of love and understanding from all of the brothers present. It was extremely powerful and uplifting. Though I am still extremely sad and regretful for what happened with my family, thinking back upon what I learned at the workshop, as well as practicing the principles taught, helps to ground me a little more, and get my mind away from depressing thoughts, even if only for a little while at a time.  I have hope now that I will get through this, though some days are still very, very hard.
I would highly recommend the Modern Day Warrior workshop to every man on the planet.  It is powerful, and it is desperately needed. It changes lives. It turns bad men into good men, and good men into better men. Over time, implementing the teachings with an open heart and determination, I believe the program has the potential to turn ALL men into their very best selves.  I will be attending another session in the future.


The couples weekend was a deeply moving and profoundly personal yet shared experience that I will never forget. I felt connection, energy, passion and safety. I took risks and made gains but felt safe and supported the entire weekend. Jenny and Jason are amazing guides and teachers and the subtle yet powerful presence of Suzanne Wagner made the weekend truly unforgettable. Both my husband and I benefited greatly and experienced things that will continue to bless us through our our relationship for years to come. I am grateful to have had this experience with my best friend and partner and feel fortunate to be among the group of couples that participated. I will absolutely attend future events both as a couple and an individual. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Xo


I attended the Modern Day Warrior weekend in the fall of 2015. It was a life changing event for me. The magic was not so much what I came away with, but that it left me somewhat unsettled, in a state I like to refer to as divine discontent. It aroused a hunger to know and understand in much greater detail what I had experienced at the workshop. I felt like I was exposed to the tip of the iceberg and it left me wanting to move further and further, deeper and deeper into the ideas and concept which had been uncovered. The weekend was the beginning of an adventure; much of what I am studying and learning today where birthed at the workshop. As an added bonus, since that weekend I have become personal friends with Jason and have found him to be a man of honor and integrity who personally lives the principles which he teaches. 


The women's embodiment session was filled with open arms, vulnerability,  love, broken down walls- exactly what I deserved to experience! I met many wonderful souls who mirrored me and gave me what I was looking for: to rid myself of those walls we build as women. I felt a huge amazing break through on the last day, (which I was ready to move on from,) and each woman was there to catch and support me.  What a wonderful weekend to dig deep, work hard, and take out the trash, so to speak, and let the light in. My experience is when I make time for me, my inner Goddess is fully charged, and my relationships change for the greater. I become a better self, mother, and friend.


After years of struggling with infertility and this being both our second marriage our marriage had faced its fair share of struggles. The emotional stress of being a step-parent with no biological children of my own was a challenge enough, but the added stress of fertility treatments and miscarriages was about to break my marriage and me. I was told of Shades of Intimacy by an acquaintance. So I looked up the information and had no idea what it would all be about, but was willing to try anything to get my marriage back on track.

When we arrived my husband and I were both nervous as we had no idea what to expect or what we were in for. From the minute we walked in the door we felt the love and friendship of Jason, Jennifer, and Suzanne. It was two of the most amazing days I have ever had. On several occasions I was able to watch my husband participate in things that he had never done before, but being able to watch how much heart he was putting into this experience opened my heart back up. He was giving it his all to fix us.

I was able to get to know several amazing women who opened their hearts and experiences to me. I felt like I had known everyone in this group all of my life. I finally felt like I had permission to be me and feel what I had been holding back for so long. I was able to let go of so many negative emotions and move on to a healthier path. The techniques that were taught in those two days are things that have helped me in every area of my life, not just my marriage. This workshop taught my husband and I how to connect on such a deeper level, a level I never knew could be possible and for that I am forever grateful. We both left the workshop with a sense of hope, new found love and a burden being lifted off of both of us.

Words cannot truly describe what an amazing setting Jason, Jennifer, and Suzanne create. The workshop is such an intense and emotional experience that you will feel for the rest of your life. I have been so impressed that even after the workshop I still hear from the creators to follow up and offer support and help. My marriage will never be the same and for that I am grateful. I have made some life-long friends from this experience. I am so excited to attend more workshops and continue to grow and heal and helps others along the way. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in a relationship or single, it has truly changed who I am for the better. I have reached new levels of love and understanding for who I am and who I am growing to be.


I came to the Modern Day Warrior Workshop to learn what steps I needed to take to better myself as a man, and to gain experience working with men in a safe place.  What did I gain?  Consciousness. Awareness of the power of breath. Awareness of presence (Being present in EVERY moment) and the immediate effect it has on your ability to control the direction you are heading in life. The ability to identify “masculine” emotions (rage) and use them as fuel. Confidence –I can walk into any meeting, meet any man, and face any challenge knowing that I have a leg-up on everybody there; I know something they don’t.

I believe that every man would benefit from The Modern Day Warrior, and walk away from it stronger and better than they came in. Most people shy away from a 3 day event – They feel like it is a disruption to the schedules we all create in our busy lives, but it is anything BUT a disruption. It is an awakening, and all I could think after it was done was I wish I had made time for it sooner.

Before the Modern Day Warrior, I was working TWO dead-end, low pay jobs. I spent my mornings and daytimes at Wal-Mart, my evenings bussing tables at a local restaurant, and my nights lying awake in bed wondering what the hell I was doing, and where I was going. I knew there was more to life, but I felt trapped by financial goals and self-expectations, and utterly lost in what I was supposed to be doing. I had known about the MDW events for a while, but was skeptical about the cost and time I would need to spend to attend. Finally, I took the time off work and signed up. Looking back, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I left that event with friendships that will last a lifetime, and the strength and confidence to make the necessary changes in my life. Six months later I was in the best physical shape of my life, I was the proud owner of a new small business, and I was able to pull my friends out of their own dead-end situations and set them on the path to becoming Modern Day Warriors themselves. Each person I know that has attended a MDW event has come out swinging and fully engaged in improving themselves and their lives. The lessons learned at the event cannot be put into words that properly convey their weight, but you will leave knowing each lesson as they are instilled in the very structure of your being. You leave in the greatest place you have ever been in, and every decision made from that place is powerful, correct, and life changing.

RILEY SMITH - Executive Assistant, Resorts West

Jason Smith is an incredibly deep and heart centered man who is most needed in this time of awakening consciousness.  His dedication to assisting others in learning new skills of empowerment is felt the moment you spend time in his presence.  Jason is a man of integrity and I recommend his trainings to all my friends.

Jennifer Stanchfield is an amazing woman of great depth and passion. Her ability to connect with those around her with an intensity of truth yet simultaneously with a lightness that shines through and allow movement and growth to unfold in her teachings. She is powerful teacher and role model for those seeking new ways of awakening to the fullest potential within themselves.


I came to the Modern Day Warrior Workshop Fall of 2015 because I had heard so many positive reviews about the workshop so consistently. I heard about the authenticity of the teachers and the information covered and I wanted to find out for myself what was going on.  I expected it to be hard, and I was right but it was well worth my effort. I got the tools needed to begin living life at a higher level of masculine function. My eyes were opened to subtleties that I didn't know existed and I was pushed to find a depth I normally wouldn't often (if ever) approach.

You should expect to receive the tools, practices, and direction needed to operate at a more refined level, a place of depth and flow and higher capacity than ever before. You will have a huge leg up on MOST other people in the world. Why would you want to have fewer tools in your tool belt? Why blunder through existence just making do when you could be realizing your natural strength and power and claiming it for yourself? If you're serious about finding out what your true nature is, about learning what the hell is actually going on then attend one of these workshops. The teachings are truly priceless and what you do pay for this experience is returned many times over. I've attended multiple workshops and every single time the true value of it is felt and appreciated by each person who attended. 


My husband and I have made our tumultuous and passionate relationship work fairly well over the last decade, but I could still feel some things between us that just weren't connecting, as well as some healing that we both could use. I was intrigued when I heard about the Shades of Intimacy intensive from Suzanne Wagner, one of Jason's co-facilitators. She was talking about balance between masculine and feminine energies within both men and women. I realized that my excessive masculine energy drowned out a lot of my husband's, and his lack of heart centered feminine energy made me feel unsafe; it was a vicious cycle we were caught in. I knew that this was a bad mix for sexual and emotional intimacy, so this workshop piqued my curiosity for sure. THIS was the next catalyst for my marriage that I'd been seeking.

 I was not sure what Shades of Intimacy would look like, but when I learned that it was an intensive experiential type workshop, I was even more excited! (These are the best kinds in my opinion.) The intentions that were set and the space that was created by the facilitators was unconditionally loving, not to mention a very safe space to work through some personal discomforts. The other attendees were respectful, supportive, and the entire event felt profoundly kindred. Learning about intimacy as a personal journey was very different than learning sensual massage, sexual positions, or communication techniques. The individual exercises created the personal accountability needed to show up intimately in ways that best support my husband and my marriage. I cleared a lot of stagnant energy, as well as learning some beautiful embodiment techniques from Jennie. We now have some awesome tools to use! My husband and I are playing with the energies we've learned, breaking old habits, and connecting in deeper ways thanks to Shades of Intimacy. It's a work in progress, so we might just be back for the next one!


I came to the Couples retreat for the most part in the dark. My wife said, let’s do this Couples Intimacy Workshop. Great I thought, we could use more intimacy in our relationship. Our marriage had dwindled to being little more than roommates most days. We found ourselves caught up in the minutiae of life, kids, work, dinner, cleaning up. But the thing that I'd noted most was that in 10 years, through her own feedback I felt like I'd become someone my wife no longer liked, let alone was in love with. Having come from a damaged and abusive home I literally had no coping skills when it came to my wife's intense emotions. Her intensity triggered flight and protection responses created in my youth. This made her feel unsupported and unable to connect with me on every level. I soon discovered that this was at the core of most of our problems. In my love for her, I worshiped her, put her up on a pedestal until she got emotional and then I would run, or retaliate. Realizing that this was what was happening, claiming my masculine power and learning to support her in all her passionate feminine glory, whatever that might look like has turned my marriage around and back into something that we cherish and want to take part in, instead of just being in. I had my doubts as we sat there through what seemed like anything but an intimate workshop with my wife, but in the end it all came together.

DON MALLICOAT - Director of Marketing

Having the opportunity to go through one of the first relationship classes that Jason, Jennie and Suzanne did a few years back, when I heard about their weekend retreat I knew that my husband and I had to be there.  The amount of growth that Brian and I had in our relationship after the first class I knew that this class would again take us into a deeper more meaningful connection.  Jason did an amazing job giving the whole weekend the structure and flow that addressed the real life issues that Brian and I have struggled with as well as some of the other couples were bumping into.  I have always had a hard time trusting people and letting them see me and it has always been a tense issue in our intimate relationship between my husband wanting to try fix it and me just wanting to express the hurt from the wounding that was done to me when I was younger.  Jason dug into polarity, boundaries and then gave the men tools on how to navigate their partner as issues come up.

Jennie and Suzanne teach with so much love and acceptance.  We had breakout sessions with just the women, even after doing this kind of work with them for a few years now it was still fresh and new, leading the women into trusting loving and accepting themselves and acknowledgement of how great the divine feminine is.  This class has changed my relationship with my husband, myself and my family.  Words truly cannot express my gratitude to each of the facilitators the love and acceptance that they bring into the space is life changing.  Thank you, Thank you, for giving the gifts that you each have so freely to my husband and I.


Both Jason and Jennie have created an experience that can only be matched by traveling to either coast of the USA that would cost an order of magnitude more.  During the weekend workshop, they led men, women, and couples through a deep dive into creating and experiencing intimacy. I was amazed by how they created a place to explore the power of sexuality, polarity, and relationship - all while fully clothed and held safely in their care. I can see why Jason has the nickname of being "the chef of enlightenment". He teaches about intimacy and creating lasting passion in relationships, then invites each person to share their own challenges questions, and responds by guiding the whole group through practices that seem to bodily answer their questions and issues. Each day was a revelation to see how him and his wife Jennie would lead individuals and the whole group in practices that dissolved blocks to love and empowered them to create hot sexual attraction as an offering of art and deep personal expression. Jennie in particular has a gift of deeply feeling into each participant and helping guide them into expressing their heart's longing. Their work needs to be experienced and felt to be understood. Everyone who attended left opened and enthusiastic about deepening their intimacy and expressing love through their bodies. If your relationship needs a kickstart to return to depth and connection, or if you are single and want to attract and create passion and intimacy in your life, I highly recommend you attend one of their workshops. 

CHRISTOPHER SUNYATA - Sexual Intimacy Coach

I waited to write this testimonial for a little bit because I experienced such profound change in the last Shades of Intimacy workshop and I wanted to see if it was here to stay or just a fabulous workshop high.  Good news - it has been 8 weeks since the workshop and the transformations I experienced have integrated beautifully into my new world.  In this workshop I completed something that I feel like I have been working on daily for the last 400 years - my perspective on the world has dramatically changed and I have found a freedom and connection that I have been seeking for as long as I can remember.  It makes my heart sing each day.  It is delightful to discover what each new day now has to offer me and each day feels like a new exploration because I am not working on the same old stuff wondering if it will ever end.  It has ended and been replaced with so much happiness. It is incredible to process decades or lifetimes worth of pain, stress and grief in a period of only 3 days.  It feels like I am finally catching up.  I am living more blissfully each day and able to access the many joyful experiences that I've had in my life because of the healing that has happened.

The connection my husband and I have experienced as a result of Shades of Intimacy is deep, profound and beautiful. We have found many keys that have unlocked much happiness and opened many channels of communication for us here. The real life aspect of this workshop has been very useful; Jason, Jennie and Suzanne teach powerful tools that create massive transformation and connection in relationship.  If you are seeking answers, I imagine that you'll find them here.

My husband and I have attended 2 Shades workshops, I have attended 3 Elemental Feminine workshops and he has attended 2 Modern Day Warriors.  It is impressive that every workshop I attend is even more remarkable than the last.  I have literally driven across countries to be sure I am here for them because they are that transformative for me.  

I like the thought suggested at Elemental Feminine “What if karma is simply unembodied emotion?”  I have found this to be a valuable belief in my life that has led to much healing and space in my body through embodiment experiences.  The most profound experience of this I can think of is when we did a process in Elemental Feminine where we embodied shame, then abandonment, then betrayal.  It was painful to feel all of those emotions inside of me. In fact, we lovingly named this exercise the Circle of Pain.  It was painful but worth it because that was a year and a half ago and I still feel the benefits in my body to this day. I didn't know how much of my energy those emotions were consuming until I felt the space that was created in my body in that exercise.  Shame, betrayal and abandonment have been replaced in my body with joy, freedom and bliss.  I want you to experience this with me!

One of my delights has been to share these workshops with my adult children – my daughter and two of my sons have attended the women's and men's workshop.  They love them.  It brings much satisfaction and joy to me to know that my children have access to powerful tools to help them navigate relationships right at the beginning of their venture into the adult world.

These workshops refreshingly aren't about personal growth – they are far beyond that.  They are about living open-hearted to offer pure love to the world in any form that it is needed.   This takes courage and bravery and the rewards are delicious.  We learn tools, skills and processes to take home and continue this work of loving more fully.

I feel like the last Shades we attended was a significant shift in my life.  It gave us the tools that we needed to bring our relationship to a level where we could move beyond just us – it feels as if the focus of my life has shifted from all about me, survival mode, to being largely about how to gift others, what truly serves others.  This is much more of a consistent possibility than it has ever been before.

I appreciate the metaphor in these workshops that we are each like a piece of glass and life has cracked us in many places.  Some of those fractures need therapy to be healed because they truly incapacitate us. At some point we recognize we'll never heal all the breaks so these workshops allow us to move forward with our life, they are not about therapy but about making art as we allow the light to shine through our broken glass, through our fractured paradigm and gift the world just as we are. It is such a relief to be able to live fully now and make beauty through the cracks and give them as a gift.  That process of surrender and love has actually healed many of the breaks.  Some of the fractures I now appreciate and honor and are here to stay, by conscious choice, and that is a deep healing at at different level.

These courses are my favorite place to grow; they resonate with me and are an invaluable part of my journey.   Jason, Jennie, and Suzanne hold the intention of pure love and have created a solid container of safety, love and trust and nothing less is permitted there.  To that intention and container of safety they add their incredible skills and knowledge, and magic is made.

The friendships I have made with other women in these workshops are deep and real because they are forged in that tight container of safety, love and trust.  It is amazing to be fully seen and heard and be safe. I have learned a lot about creating that container of safety in my home with those I love. When I experience shame, sorrow or heartache in my life these women in these workshops are the women that I can bring that to and find support to feel it then move through it.  It is comforting to know that if life brings tragedy or sorrow I have a venue to heal it.  

And as if that tight circle of women was not phenomenal enough, in the Shades workshop it gets even better.  Added to the tight circle of women is a circle of solid men behind us protecting, loving and honoring us like I have never before experienced.  It is incredible to feel in my body that I can protect myself and then let that need to protect melt like butter because it is so unnecessary in the safety of those men.  That has changed me and knowing that there are honorable men that surround me has created a relaxation in my body that is profound.  Even though I have not seen any of them outside of my husband since the workshop I feel that energetic protection of good men daily.  I've always felt like the luckiest woman alive to have one amazing man protect me. It is a gift. To be protected by an army of good, solid, honorable warriors is indescribable.  I want every woman I cherish to experience this. It will cause something in you to relax and allow you to move through life with a new found peace.

It has been delightful to rediscover, enjoy and celebrate the feminine in myself and just as delightful to honor and enjoy the masculine in my husband.  It is a blissful relief to let go of  the rules created by others and simply be who we are.  The rewards of  embracing my feminine and he his masculine don't stop at the happiness of being authentically ourselves but we have relished the polarity in our relationship and the attraction to one another that it creates.  Life just keeps getting better and better.

I want all my loved ones to experience this. Come play, step into this magical place of transformation and love!


Jason's commitment to the exploration of the unseen forces of nature is undeniable.  His knowledge of traditional and non-traditional paths of spiritual development runs deep, and his ability to share this knowledge with others is beyond inspiring. His embrace of the dark side gives him the ability to connect with others on the full spectrum of life experience. There are no waters he is unwilling to charter for the sake of spiritual growth.