Where are you at?

So... you've read through The Journey... and you are wondering what this all means?

The Journey is a model, or a lens, through which we can look at human growth and progression.  If you are reading this material you are among the select people on the planet that have the leisure and drive toward self improvement. For centuries of our evolutionary progress as Human Beings on this planet we've been mainly focused on food, shelter, and sex. And still, most people on the planet are exclusively focused on those things.

My father used to say you were lucky just to have a Job.  Today we aren't happy unless our job is FULFILLING. And how much more do we want our lives to be fulfilling? To mean something, to be an open offering, a gift to the universe?

From Small to Big

Where are you at on the journey from Segregated Self to Integrated Self?

Do you know you aren't where you want to be but don't know where to go?

Do you know where to go, but don't know how to get there?

Know thyself

That's where I can help you.  I can help you identify where you are at and then how to grow and expand upward and outward.

If you feel that itch...

And you want to grow...

you have come to the right place

Contact me at jason@jasonfsmith for a deep discussion on where you want to go and how to get there.