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You know the story: The New Year is a time of renewal, imagination and hope. Things will change this year… only they don’t. You get the vision, but about two weeks into January the vision is already fading. Want to lose or gain weight? Eat better? Develop a spiritual practice that actually works to give you purpose, meaning, direction and help you leave a legacy? Connect better with your partner, your children, your family. Make more money, get a job you really enjoy and are passionate about?

This course is important because your LIFE is important.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years: Having the vision isn’t enough. I need the proper tools to get me there, and then I need the power to get me to do the work.

Shades of Intimacy is ALL ABOUT YOU GETTING RESULTS, in your Body, Being, Balance, Business and Bedroom.

Right now hit the button below and secure your ticket. The course is held on site in Heber City Utah, will include a light lunch, and a Challenge Map Binder.

You’ll leave with a clear vision of what you REALLY TRULY DEEP DOWN DESIRE for yourself the next year, and a clear road map of how to get it.

There will also be a small pod power and accountability group opportunity after the course if you want more assistance.

The cost of this event?

We’re keeping it cheap, because we want to set you up for success. The event will be only $20.00, which sounds ridiculously cheap.

But it’s not, because if you are going to succeed, you’re going to invest way more than $20.00 to hit your targets. You’ll have to invest time, energy, focus, trust, and desire. And after all that, you’ll need to do the work.

Let us help you get the result you really want in life. It’s what we do.

Earlier Event: November 9
Shades Of Intimacy
Later Event: January 19
Full Moon Gathering