Back in the day...

Men were Men… and Women were….

No better example of the fixed roles of men and women in our past evolution can be found than in the TV Show Mad Men: Don and Betty Draper.

Don is all evolutionary man… 

Or maybe this image would be a bit more appropriate:

Don epitomizes masculine energy: Purpose, focus, drive.  He walks into a room and people notice.

But behind this wall of basic masculine energy is a hurt little boy. He’s constantly at war with the feminine, always trying to feed off it, control it, or run from it. 

Not only is he afraid of the feminine in all it’s forms, he is afraid of the true depth of his own masculine.

Betty is all evolutionary woman… 

Or maybe this image would be better:

Keeping the home, nurturing the children, filling the home with light and love…

But behind her wall of basic feminine energy is a hurt little girl.  She constantly maneuvers to keep her man, to feel safe, to control her environment.

But in this she denies her own masculine strengths, desires for career and purpose of her own, but worse she operates on only the most superficial of feminine levels. Her true feminine rage and power and love scares her more than anything else.  Unleashed past her desire for more financial independence and love, into the authentic whirlwind tornado of the feminine goddess, what would really happen?

Here we see the arch-types of human evolution, the old style of loving born out of need and control and fear.  Men lived the stereotype of masculine warrior hiding the hurt little boy underneath desperate for mommy’s love.  Women lived the stereotype of the passive female hiding the ferocious feminine storm underneath. 

One hundred thousand… two hundred thousand years of evolution led to Don and Betty Draper… who reside in all of us.

And yet we yearn for more… more from our living, loving, and intimacy.

Luckily, something happened to change everything:

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