What would you write?

I was contemplating the vast concept of self creation... If someone were to tell you to write your life down as a novel... from this point FORWARD... what would you write?  Would you put in some difficult situations just to be fair, or would you inherit the universe and make yourself God?  If you wrote it... what would you write for your future?

Write your life and those around you... starting from today... all the way to your death (if you choose to die).  Be specific... consider this like 'wishing' to a Genie.  He might take your words one way when you meant another....

And when you are done... (if you actually did the exercise), consider this desire:

Grow up.  Drop your Fears.  Merge Seamlessly with the Universe.

And from that point... co-creatively write your life as it comes.  You lose your keys?  Magically find them.  You get sick? Magically heal.  Have a friend who is struggling?  Magically help them.

Surrendering to what is... while co-creatively changing the universe using the magic of consciousness.  Which is it?

Sometimes I think about life and I think it feels like we are all

rats in a maze

slaves in a cage

gerbils on a wheel...

and I wonder what would happen if we said NO.  I'm not playing that game.  Period.  And we were all willing to die rather than accept slavery.

Humans are programmed to adapt and survive... even the harshest and cruelest events.  

But what about our day to day life?  The common day to day gerbil wheel grind?  Are we lulled into some type of sleep?

If we could write it differently... what would we write?