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Ceremonial Transcendence

The Journey from the Segregated State to the Integrated State.

This is the final destination of all work in the Segregated State.  Here.  Open.  Free.  Shed of all Layers!

Getting to Ritual Interdepence can be a tough row to hoe, but once you get here you are the Captain of your Own Fate. This is true Human Adulthood, living the fully integrated life.

Text from Frank Herbert's Dune.

The Third Stage is to be source AS the universe. The self drops away and you Integrate AS the universe.  All doing comes AS the universe now.

To get to Third Stage Living you have to SHED layers, (or have them murderously carved out of your soul). We are standing on the edge of a precipice.  We have control where we stand, but once we jump we will be totally out of control.

Why jump?

Well… the only reason anyone ever jumps is because they can’t not.  Something begins to itch, yes? Something isn’t work anymore.

If we living a ‘sewer’… and the smell of shit doesn’t bother us… we don’t ever think of leaving.  But… once the smell DOES start to bother us, we get uncomfortable and we start to look for ways out.

That’s the point where we see the precipice and we either get shoved off or we jump off… either way it’s a kind of compulsion.

Some peopel have jumped off the ledge.  And they report something remarkable: Though out control (seemingly) there is a rich fruit of power and flow on the other side. You don’t necessarily survive the fall (the old you is dying, yes?).  A new creature is being born up, and you are smuggling back a little bit everyone else saying: Come see for yourself what happens when you jump.  There is something beautiful on the other side.

Make sure it always comes forth through source.  If the old you starts to reconstitute itself in the neural pathways of your brain… shine a light on him and kill him.  The Magician is ruthless this way, but I agree with him.  I don’t care what you do… just do it from source. 

So in my work of helping people the story you told has shown up again and again and again in the last 6 months. Basic story of a person who had childhood damage, effects, programming, engrams, dents, etc. Serious damage though.  Really brutal stuff.  And… this person has courageously sought to heal, and here is the striking similarity:  Has DONE THE WORK.  Seriously, put it all out there and worked their asses off.  And… came up largely empty.

Childhood Damage to Courage to Work to Empty.

In every pattern I’m seeing something interesting.  This deep desire to heal, even with courage… just isn’t enough.  Is that fair to say? That’s what I’m seeing.

Sure, the courageous work has produced SOMETHING.  Often something BIG… good changes, good growth, good evolution.  But…

But… something is missing.  The root is not being healed. It is still there.

Is that just the way it is?  We are wounded, it won’t change, and so we play art with our wounds.  Is that the final answer?


Is there something else?

For me… there is/was something else.  For me it was something like this:

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”


Abandoning HOPE meant something different to me. It meant abandoning the idea of what I came to call the gerbil wheel.  Therapeutic vehicle after therapeutic vehicle.  Yogic Vehicle after Yogic Vehicle.

Workshop after workshop… same people, same problems, and I’m looking around seeing something: No one is making any fucking progress.

Am I alone in this?  Am I the only one who sees this?

Maybe I’m not seeing clearly.

But I think I am seeing something.

“But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

-Hans Christian Anderson

So my download was this.  Abandon all hope.  Stop the work.  Stop it entirely and do something differently.  Draw a line in the sand.  Get serious.  And do it by MYSELF.  Drop your teachings.  Drop your teachers.  Drop it all and get naked and get out in the fucking wilderness and draw a line.  Declare to the universe:  “This stops now. Or else.  And by ELSE you mean death.  Death or bust.  Period.  You draw the line and say I’m done.  It drops away or I’m done.”  And show that declaration with action.


No more merry-go-round.  No healing. Not growth.

Get busy living, or get busy dying.