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Everything about Dreamers Dreaming Magical Lives is about the Journey... which I will elucidate for you below. Yes we teach Tantric and Taoist Sexual Secrets but underlying all of that is this deep spiritual connection with the divine.  The short of the story is that you aren't who you think you are, and if you are reading this then a sharp course correction is probably imminent.  People don't read these pages by accident... the universe brought you here.  So underlying everything we talk about here, everything we do in the Shades of Intimacy and Modern Day Warrior workshops, and the online course, the blogs and essays, the practices, the private training (did I cover everything yet?) is this Journey I'm going to talk about:

IS this how you see yourself In the Universe?

But what if it's the other way around and the universe is in you?

You aren't from the universe...

You ARE the universe!

Picture from NASA

Picture from NASA


In the Dream...the Intimacy, Health, Wealth, and MANIFESTation of your life... come brave adventurer, magician, psyconaut, why not go further?

I Can help you take the Journey of a lifetime.

I can help you completely transform your life

(From the Caterpillar)

(To the Butterfly)


Childhood Segregated State


Adulthood Integrated State

Henry David Thoreau said:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation


how do we grow up?  

Get off the Gerbil Wheel?

Here is the appearing universe...

And here is your segregated self inside it...

And HEre are the three phases we swing through within it:

Primal Dependence

Elemental Independence

Ritual Interdependence

In our sexual intimacy, within the Segregated State... We will teach you the art of intimacy.

Tribal Poetry

(Scientific Creative Therapy)

I Can teach You to play heartbreaking songs of Tribal Poetry... 

And yet...

Is there something more beyond Tribal Poetry?

Can the Art of Intimacy take us further? 

you begin to wonder... 

It is time to make a change?

Your discontent is growing.

(Redecorating your Life)

Is there still FURTHER to go?


Yes there is, and it's called Ceremonial Transcendence. It's called growing fully up.  It's called the Integrated Self.

IN OUR SEXUAL INTIMACY, WITHIN THE Integrated STATE... WE WILL TEACH YOU THE art OF sexual INTIMACY leading to you playing the haunting, enlightening, heartbreaking beauty of thE:


Music of the Spheres

(Artful Destructive Yoga)

So if you FEEL it...

The desire for even more...

What can you do?

You can:


Begin the Hero's Journey with me by Praying for an Event (Nurse your Discontent)


Try to go back to sleep (numb it out)

Model recreated from one by Jed Mckenna

Model recreated from one by Jed Mckenna

Nursing your Discontent and Prayer leads to:

The Event - The Tower (Death)

Art by Parker Webb

Art by Parker Webb

The tower leads you to rebirth…

(the butterfly)

Adulthood – Integrated State

Ceremonial Transcendence

Living AS the universe…

Photo by NASA

Photo by NASA

And then would you like to play with Magick?

If you would like to die of the flesh and be born of the spirit… 

If you wish to wake up within the dream, to shuffle off this mortal coil…

Then contact me at Jason@Jasonfsmith.com

And Brace for Impact.

Magickal Images inspired by the work Peter J Carroll and Matt Kaybryn