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This work changed my life - JR

I’m the poster boy for anxiety and depression over sexual inadequacy. I worked one on one with Jason, who never seemed worried and was always confident. I can’t tell you how much that helped me. But better than that, he taught me how to relax, and settle into my body, really for the first time ever. I came to him because I heard he could help me stop premature ejaculation, but damn, we went so much deeper than that and it’s affected ALL areas of my life.

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The Course for EVERY MAN - Christopher R. Tyler

I am no tantra sex expert, I’m just a guy in Detroit who wanted to last long her bed after his love life got stale after 23 years of marriage. Four kids, a regular job, and my wife seems happy, but I’m not. I’m thinking there has go to be something more here than what we doing. And I don’t know where I got the courage to ask for help, but I did, and found this course. Breathe. Gentlemen, breathe! That’s the secret to this work. I last as long as I want, and my wife is like, WTF? It’s been a pleasant surprise in our 40s.

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It Worked - David R. Smith
I got to be friends with Jason through college and years later I find out he’s got this course! I’m like why in the hell didn’t you teach me this stuff back in college bro? I’m lazy, and this still worked. I literally last as long as I want now, and the best part is that just scratches the surface. Really, there is so much more than lasting longer, I had no idea.

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Not Just for Men! - Leah Hudson

I got this course for my man because he was not happy about the struggle he had in bed. I heard from a friend it worked, so what the hell, I gave it a shot. He was offended at first that I gave it to him… ladies, be careful here. But… he isn’t dumb. We went through it together and whew, i learn so much. It was a course for men but I learned so much about my own body and possibilities. This isn’t just a funny course, this really changed our sex life from top to bottom. It’s been over a year now since we took it and the returns just keep coming.