The Chef of Enlightenment offers help in three formats: Elemental, Ritual, and Ceremonial.  Elemental Workshops refer to the basic core practices and are reflected and taught in my Intensives. The Elemental Practices take you deeper and wider toward and Integrated Life and will open you to artistic depth and power.

Ritual work is  advanced work for a few select people. Offerings include private retreats, one on one coaching, and deep advanced online programs.

Ceremonial Life is the pursuit of the Great Work, and is an advanced group of people seeking to use their combined resources to open the world. It is by invitation only, and corresponds to the work of the LIBWER QUOPWET.


Elemental Workshops

Elemental Workshops are the core offering of The Chef of Enlightenment.  They open the doors toward shifting from the Segregated State to the Integrated life offering.  In my unique containers, we create a safe but powerful place where art is expressed through our bodies in ways that allow men and women to sink deeper into who they truly are (and just as importantly who they really aren't).  It allows us to open and to shed layers through ancient yogic practices that are proven to create miracles in your life.

Yoga is no substitute for therapy. People who have legitimate damage and wounds should take care in these workshops.  If you play any type of sport, and blow out your knee, you would undergo a process of physical therapy that was slow and deliberate as you healed. Wounds need time to heal, and healing modalities from psychotherapy to meditation should be used.

But if you are ready for Primal Ceremony, which we often call Yoga, the deeper exploration of your self(s) with an artistic and purgative wit, then the sacred space you are about to enter at one of my workshops will reveal to you an infinity of new powers, layers, and magic for your evolving life.

This work is safe, but challenging as well. 

Co-Ed Intensives

Co-ed Intensives are a deep dive into the power of Intimacy and Polarity.  They are for singles and couples.  We strive for Gender Balance so the exercises are even.  They are limited to 24 people total, 12 women, and 12 men.  In a Co-Ed Intensive you will work with many people in different exercises, in the realms of spiritual growth, polarity, and intimacy.  We strive for an absolutely safe environment. 

The next scheduled Co-Ed Intensive is July 25th and 26th, 2015.  Details can be found HERE.

Men's Modern Warrior Weekend

Masculine strength is developed almost solely through the discover and implementation of your life's purpose.  Men are designed to open the world, and from an integrated place that opening of the world, your family, your woman, is magnificent indeed.  Men's Modern Warrior weekends dive deep into the concepts of grounding, purpose, internal guidance, and creative offering of your deepest life's purpose. We will strengthen your body, your sexual skills, and your gift to the world. Through an integrated approach you will enter the container of Elemental Power and developed your deepest gifts as offerings to the world. In the most challenging moments of your life, in the deepest of griefs and failures, how can you open to what is and still offer your deepest gifts?  You will learn how to practice feeling out into the world, into the heart of your woman, and responding to them from your deepest core center instead of your wobbly fear based self.

The next scheduled Men's Modern Warrior Weekend is October 16th through 18th.  Details can be found HERE.