Today we start our journey into THE STACK as we pull off creating bigger results in our life.

Without The Stack, my entire life becomes pointless and meaningless, and I ultimately become a victim to my circumstances.  The Stack frees me from circumstances and allows me to create my reality according to my deepest most authentic desires.

In my life, it’s a non-negotiable practice, that I do every single day, and so does Jennie. 

The Stack is the distinction and difference of having it all and not. It allows us to own our minds and our momentum to creating the desire that we seek.

The Stack is made up of the following pieces (hence the name: The Stack):

  • The Dark

  • The Drift

  • The Shift

  • The Lift

  • The Light

We go from operating with our eyes closed as we drift into a karmic loop to learning how to open them up by moving forward and upward.