Frozen Practice Day 1


Today Melanie Lake and I talked about the shared pain we both felt when Jennie went to work this morning.

Feeling into it, just feeling the pain of it.

And we came up with a practice.

Every morning, as part of my Core 4 Balance, I would feel into her, and ask the Universe The Voice what 1 step could I take today to help free her from ARUP, bring her home, with all the attendant necessary wealth to make it happen.

I would feel into this, and receive it, then attend to the rest of the day.

I agreed to do this every day, and report back to Melanie Tuesday July 31st, in the evening.

The First Step

Melanie asked me to feel into the first step, and something came up that was very surprising.

I went back to the day in High School when a bully in the school cornered me in a short doorway stub in the hall leading to the men’s locker room in the gym.

He grabbed my shirt and held me against the corner, screaming at me saying I was mocking the death of a kid named Bart, who I knew.  I was not mocking the death of Bart, but someone heard me talking him and it got mistranslated to this bully.

I never liked the bully before, and hated him with a passion afterwards.

A crowd gathered, and I was crying and blubbering.

And I got traumatized.

Very clearly, my right hip, right leg.  I wanted to kick him in the balls.  I tried. I tried to move my leg and kick him in the balls to get free of him.

But I couldn’t do it.

I could feel it in my hip, it was frozen.

I asked Melanie to feel into me, and she could feel it there.  She said had frozen my whole leg, that taking steps forward was difficult for me, that in fact, my entire life, moving forward I was moving with a limp.