The Art of SExual Intimacy

We teach people how to have mind blowing enlightened sex

WE save broken relationships

WE reignite faded intimacy

Using ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom learned from the far east and modernized with a healthy portion of 'Made in America' innovation we help people see through their layers of sexual and intimate debris and live magical lives in the areas of intimacy, purpose, health and manifestation.

It all starts with the art of Sexual Intimacy... But it goes so much further..


Do you know where humans store most of their bullshit? You guessed it: In their sexuality. Yes, we help people with practical practices for how to have mind blowing enlightened sex. That is the gateway to deep growth: intimacy, purpose, health, and manifestation. If you want to really start growing up, look at your sexuality.

Shades of Intimacy and Modern Day Warrior and Elemental Femine Art of Sexual Intimacy Workshop Intensives


...claiming my masculine power and learning to support her in all her passionate feminine glory, whatever that might look like has turned my marriage around and back into something that we cherish.... (See More)

-Don Mallicoat

This workshop taught my husband and I how to connect on such a deeper level, a level I never knew could be possible and for that I am forever grateful. We both left the workshop with a sense of hope, new found love and a burden being lifted off of both of us. (See More)




Each day was a revelation to see how Jason and his wife Jennie would lead individuals and the whole group in practices that dissolved blocks to love and empowered them to create hot sexual attraction as an offering of art and deep personal expression. (See More)


Jason Smith is an incredibly deep and heart centered man who is most needed in this time of awakening consciousness. Jennifer Stanchfield is an amazing woman of great depth and passion. Her ability to connect with those around her with an intensity of truth yet simultaneously with a lightness that shines through and allows movement and growth to unfold. (See More).


Learning about intimacy as a personal journey was very different than learning sensual massage, sexual positions, or communication techniques.  My husband and I are playing with the energies we've learned, breaking old habits, and connecting in deeper ways thanks to Shades of Intimacy. (See More


This class has changed my relationship with my husband, myself and my family.  Words truly cannot express my gratitude to each of the facilitators the love and acceptance that they bring into the space is life changing. (See More)


NOTE: The first time I heard the term The Art of Sexual Intimacy was from my coach James Baye.  I have since discovered it was also a book published in 1993 by Andrew Stanway and Ralph Medland.  I have not read the book, and I have no idea if James ever read the book, though I am guessing he did not. It does not even have any reviews on Amazon so it does not appear to have a very deep impact. I recently also found an article entitled The Art of Sexual Intimacy in a blog post, but this was published in 2013 and appears 100% unrelated to the material on this website.  

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